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Thread: How to react when after 30 minute service SP says your time is over, pay me full hour

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    How to react when after 30 minute service SP says your time is over, pay me full hour

    I am not joking and making things up. This is what happens sometimes. Until few years ago it was not like this, but recently it is becoming more prevalent. During the last 2 years even it has happened with me at least 3-4 times, more recently few days ago. Many times it is not reported by the client because they don't have means, like they are not merbites. Or even if they are merbites they are too timid to report because they know other merbites who have got good service from the girl or agency will tell them some reasons which are not true, like you might not be having good hygiene, you might be having bad breadth, your clothes must be smelly, or even more serious that you might have mistreated the girl. There is no one to see what happened, so it becomes you said she said type of thing. But surprising it can happen to a guy like me who is tall, smart, perfect hygiene, nice clothes, very polite to everyone, very respectable to everyone in his life, never said bad words to anyone etc etc. If it can happen to me, it must be happening with other merbites also.

    Sometimes the girl gives you a very good service for full one hour and you feel satisfied. In the past I used to give even $100 tip which I have now limited to $20 - $30 depending on service. Few months ago two girls together gave me top notch service in 30 minutes and left in 35 minutes, charging me for full hour on the pretext that they have another appointment. I thought it is fine, at least they were giving me very good service.

    But recently I met a very popular girl from a popular agency. When I entered the room, she allowed a kiss on the cheeks only. Immediately I realized that there is no chemistry. But since her reviews given by some of the merbites were very good, I thought I should take slowly. Although she was described very beautiful, I found her very ordinary looking with small eyes, small A size breasts etc. During the next 25 minutes she gave me very uninspired one minute BBBJ and two minutes of doggy with no action from her part.. So finally I gave myself HJ while she watched me time to time while texting on her phone (perhaps telling the booker to send another client in 5 minutes). As soon as I finished my HJ she told me that she is sorry that another client is waiting down stairs and you have to leave now. I casually said ok and start wearing my clothes. So the conversation went like this:

    'So it is 25 minutes, I will give you for half hour service. '
    'Noooooo, you have to pay for full hour. You came at 11h50 and it is 12h20....... no no no, you came at 11h45, so it will be .....35 minutes'
    'So, it is still 35 minutes'
    'But 35 minutes are very near to 45 minutes and my charges for 45 minutes are same as for full one hour. This booker is giving me so much problem. He does not know how to book. Totally useless person'

    I tell you I am not joking. This is exactly what she told me. I never have any intention of keeping money of a prostitute. I don't care if I pay $100 more. But I wanted to see her reaction. And I could see immediately how her facial expression changed to as if she had a fit in anger.

    She immediately called the booker and told him that this person is giving me a lot of problem and paying me for 30 minutes service. She handed me her telephone to talk to booker. He was a gentlemen. He told me 'Sir what can I say. She is ..(her name). I will give you $50 discount on your next visit. Please pay her for full hour.'
    I paid for full one hour and went out. 5 minutes later booker text me that he can give discount of only $30 to which I did not reply and I don't care.

    So my question to all the merbites is how do you tackle this kind of situation. Some of the SPs are very crooked minded and wants more and more money from you while giving less and less service so that they can have 15 clients in 10 hour period. If the SP is popular, agency has to go along with her, otherwise she may take her business to some other agency. If they know your merb ID that you write good reviews, they may give good service to you so that if there is any other client writing bad reviews about her, they may help her out from the mess she is creating.

    I thought it is not proper to write it in her review section because I know than it will distract the discussion from real issue. Some people who got good service will tell that it never happens with her and with that agency and others who did not get good service will say this was happened with them also.

    I want unbiased opinion without mentioning any SP or agency.

    So now is the question: You are a perfect gentlemen and the girl standing in front of you is telling outright lie about your time with her. She also knows that she is not doing the right thing by giving shit service for half time and asking full money. You can't risk your reputation and shame if anybody comes to know where were you. Moreover you don't know, she might be having pimp friends and they may come in 3-4 minute notice to take money from you anyway. She may tell you that if you don't go she will shout and hotel security will come putting you in more trouble and ruining your life. It may be outcall as well as in call service, does not matter.

    So, how will you tackle the situation? In my case I will give the money and get out from the mess as soon as possible. She knows this and will take full advantage of this situation.

    How other merbites deal with this kind of situation?

    Please give your honest opinion so that it may help all merbites. I know that comments from SPs and agencies will be that the similar situation may be with SPs also that client may not pay. I fully agree with that, but here please stick to the point from client point of view.


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    Some SPs think that one hour means one quick non GFE service. It's awkward to ask the lady, but at least ask the booker before.

    When you find an SP unattractive or sense an immediate bad vibe, walk out immediately. Give her something for her trouble if you feel generous or sorry for her. There is no shortage of SPs available. You can get a room at the Chablis and a replacement within an hour.

    When the person who arrives is very different from my expectations, I cancel immediately even I find her attractive and no matter how horny I am.

    Wouldn't you have liked to know about the non GFE and the time theft before? You owe it to merb community to name both the SP and the agency. Don't worry about them slandering your anonymous merb handle.

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    ive had far worse service than your story, in florida, i booked for 2 hours , after 30 mins I knew there was a problem, I told the lady you might as well leave , you have your money.
    it goes with the territory sometimes,
    so what did I do, I wrote a similar review as you did , BUT I DID LIST THE LADY AND AGENCY , so that it would not happen to others

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    I don't usually get this happen to me but on a very few occasions it happened.

    The way I handle it depends if the girl is a regular or not.

    If she's new to me :

    a) I just pay standard price for an hour but no tip.

    b) I never repeat with her.

    c) Will report to merb, only if the time was a drastic cut like yours otherwise I don't bother.

    If she's a regular (and it happened about five months ago)

    a) I pay standard price for an hour but NO tip even if she's used to me doing it.

    b) I'll only repeat weeks/months later and if she still does a drastic cut in time only then will I stop seen her.

    c) Might report to merb, I don't know. I still have not gone through something like this with a regular, were they kept doing a drastic cut.

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    I think its important that this kind of behavior is reported to MERB so that there are at least SOME consequences for a lady and booker acting so unprofessionally. Of course you can expect the white knights and agency fanatics to jump in and accuse you of all sorts of things. But if your posting history has many good positive reviews anyone will see that you don't have any ulterior motive and that ladies don't have a problem with any of the things you mentioned (hygiene, respect, etc). And like vlad said, the most they can do is slam your anonymous MERB handle...

    I for one would like to know who this happened with so that I can avoid that lady and possibly that agency.

    Sorry that this happened to you, I hope your next encounters are more enjoyable.

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    Please post your review to this specific girl/ agency. That is the whole purpose for MERB about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wantbigbreasted View Post
    'So it is 25 minutes, I will give you for half hour service. '
    'Noooooo, you have to pay for full hour. You came at 11h50 and it is 12h20....... no no no, you came at 11h45, so it will be .....35 minutes'
    'So, it is still 35 minutes'
    'But 35 minutes are very near to 45 minutes and my charges for 45 minutes are same as for full one hour. This booker is giving me so much problem. He does not know how to book. Totally useless person'
    Hello WBB,

    So "35 minutes are very near to 45minutes", but not to 30 minutes?

    It's a difficult choice to stand up for your rights in this situation as you described. You never know how sticky the consequences could be on the scene, and your description of their attitude shows they don't care much about being accountable for their promises and lack of fulfilling them. Given the risk of complications to your real life with the kind of unscrupulous people as you described them, on the balance it's likely to be much better at the time to pay them and get out.

    However, prices are going up. It's becoming hard to find any escort whose agency is not claiming guaranteed GFE services for nearly every one of their ladies. Just two weeks ago one of my experiences proved the stated claim was not true. GFE is being falsely claimed, yet the prices rise though the bad claims of GFE service go on. Your lady wasn't even adequate for a non-GFE service. Ymmv is always a factor and can always be used as an excuse, so we need to report all failures to live up to service claims to show consistency in those failures that is not just ymmv or the false claims will go on and the rates will rise based on inaccurate claims of quality service.

    In this case, the details you describe show a glaring failure to follow through on quality service by the lady's own first account of the time frame, not to mention the poor service, and the booker still demanded full payment despite those failures. This cannot be allowed to continue. If we allow these bad incidents to go unreported we all pay the prices as they rise. Your choice now is to allow that or try to hold them accountable.


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    Sometimes there is no good chemistry, but ymmv should not apply to the basic service and the time. (A waitress who likes you may give you extra peanuts, but she should not give you a smaller glass if she doesn't get along with you.)

    If I am the one who decided to cut it short, then I should still pay her the full hour. But if she is the one who insist on leaving, it's not right asking for the full price. I would do like you and try to reason with her first. If she insists, I would pay her, but make it clear I won't be doing business again. And of course post a review on merb. It's like in any thing, people feel insecure being the first one to report something bad, but there are usually more ''victims'' who will then feel more confident in telling their own story. Maybe that woman is great with most clients, but it's good to know that it's not always the case.

    I never had this situation with an escort, but with an MP where the woman first insisted that I take 30 minutes instead of 1h, and then tries to ask 60$ just for a HJ instead of 40. I don't really care much about saving 20$, but having to argue with a greedy person really kills the relaxing mood.
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    If you have nothing to lose you can make a big problem of this and not pay her the full hour and let things happen just because you have nothing to lose.

    But if you do have something to lose then just pay her the full hour and take your business somewhere else.

    You have to remember that this is a shady business with people that have nothing to lose.

    Why get yourself in a stcky situation that might cause you more harm than losing a couple of dollars.

    If you are a regular poster on MERB then you should not worry about revealing the name of the SP and agency as your post history will give you credibility.

    Since this was an incall you do not have to be worried about being outted as they do not know where you live. Hopefully by posting the bad experience others will follow.
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    3 years ago, it happened to me. It was in the building where Sophie et ses amies were hosting. It was after they got raided, I had one service which was so-so with the lady, then we chatted, then she told me I have to leave, then I told her, well, I paid for an hour. then she asked if I wanted a second service. Then I replied yes… but the second round felt so mechanical, and uninspired. I made a review about it. Elsewhere, not here though. But I reported it.

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    So does it mean that if a merbit has something to loose, he should shut his mouth at the time of paying full amount?
    Later he may report it to the merb.

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    Look behind you.
    Should have posted the agency and SP. Paid the 1/2 hr rate and walked out. What are they going to do?

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    For this very reason I go to places I know or indies who are members of MERB. Agencies run a business send any one to any client. Indies tend to select their clients give better service and look for repeat business.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptRenault View Post
    WBB, because you are a longtime member of MERB, you have a good posting history, and I don't think you have an ulterior motive in posting this story, I believe your version of the story. However, I think it's pointless to post such a story without agency and escort names. It's somewhat analogous to the story that Amélie/paradoxinabox posted. You both feel better because you posted your stories and you both received some sympathetic feedback. But nothing will change as a result of posting the stories. In both cases, the people involved may read the stories and recognize themselves but they will not change their behavior. In fact, in both cases, it's likely that the behavior will continue because now the people involved will see that there is no real consequence for their behavior. In both cases, I say either post the details or don't post at all.
    Thanks CaptRenault, I will post it soon in review section.

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    let us know when you've posted your review. You are a valued member of Merb and it's part of your duty to your fellow members to expose such agencies and their girls.

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