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Thread: The merryest and funnyest SP

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    Smile The merryest and funnyest SP

    Having sex is sheer fun...or it should be!

    I'd like to start a new thread where this aspect of the hobby is emphasized.

    Among the SPs you know (present or past), which one is or was the funnyest, merryest, wittyest one?

    For me the award-winning SP in this category was Savanna. She used to work briefly for Les filles de Monsieur Jacques in 1999.

    The sex with this tall and dark amazone (she was advertized as a Brazilian SP...she was not) was exquisite. But the best part - if I dare to say that -was between the «play», the action. She was so funny and witty that I got tears in my eyes. Gee! she was something....

    I've never met NaughtyLady but she seems to be very funny (and witty) too!
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    A couple of years ago, i finally was successful in booking a `date` with Serina of companions, who at the time had been selected by the controversial EBS as being Mtl`s top sp. I simply had a fantastic time with her, need i say more. Her biggest asset (on top of being gorgeous and giving a great service) was her bubbly personality and she was constantly smiling and giving the appearance that she was having a great a time as i was. I remarked to a few hobbyists who asked how the evening went: ``Serina would be a perfect tonic for anyone wanting to get out of a depression.``

    Tied with Serina but now retired: the wonderful Naomi of FKS. Rarely a serious moment with her. If she were not retired today, i`d rank her even higher than Serina. Funny, merry, bubbly, name it, she had it!

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    Two recent SP's whom I saw come to mind:

    1.) Sabrina of Satin Dreamz had some sassiness to her personality. She could be silly also. In addition, I found her looking and had a great couple of experiences with her.

    2.) Sarah of Asservissante really has a witty and sarcastic personality. If you click with her, you'll have a very good time. Like above, I found her pretty and the experiences with her were great as well.

    Generally, very few sp's could make me laugh, but these two ladies certainly make it very entertaining to hang with them.

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    Protagoras, Ronnie (the Naughtylady) is indeed quite funny and witty - I've had the pleasure of her company a number of times and wouldn't trade her for the world. If ever you get a chance to meet her at one of the infamous parties at the Hotel de la Montagne (when's the next one again??), you will have NO problems figuring out which one she is. Kinda hard to miss her with all of the energy she has... and if you don't smile after meeting her, well, what can I say? And that energy (and humor!) translates well into her dates, too...


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