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Thread: Hours to go, who will be the next mayor?

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    Hours to go, who will be the next mayor?

    Coderre looks like the type that will tell you, you didn't vote for me , so FU. Cote does not have a chance, Joly looks nice but has no experience. Bergeron looks like the weasel type that will run around trying to look like he is doing something. For me, first choice, Bergeron. Second choice Joly.
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    I vote for Melanie Joly because she looks so damn hot and also has/had a former escort on her team, a true representation of what Montreal is all about, beautiful women and escorts.

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    I can't vote for Denis Coderre ,he seems so close to the Mafia world.Melanie is my choice by far, we need news faces.
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    and we're having coderre for 4 years.. MP and SP are going to make lots of money in the coming years to soothe our soul

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    I went to bed very early, so woke up around midnight. So Denis Coderre is the new mayor but without a majority of council seats. Projet Montreal's Bergeron has enough seats to act as a much- needed credible opposition. Melanie Jolie came in second for mayor although I think Bergeron came in pretty close to her as well. And Marcel Cote who came in last might be drawn into the Coderre team it seems.

    I hope I can get back to sleep....



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    The best place for Marcel Cote is economics, not running the city.

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