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Thread: Gabriela's Pornographic Writing Contest - Winning Entry

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    Gabriela's Pornographic Writing Contest - Winning Entry

    As the title indicates this is my winning entry for Gabriela's Pornographic Writing Contest.

    I'd like to state that I really enjoyed this experience, I found that this was a really great marketing tool for Gabriela. I certainly hope to see more creative marketing strategies like this one in the future. I'm not sure that I could easily write actual good erotic literature, but in this case I was fortunate enough to be writing for an audience of one. Gabriela was kind enough to tell us what she liked and with a little additional research (her reviews) I was able to put together something that apparently really got to her.

    I chose to write this in second person narrative which is somewhat uncommon, but given that it was really only ever intended for Gabriela it seemed like a great opportunity to use a less common writing style that really put her into the action. It was also a good exercise for me, trying to see things from the escort's point of view.

    One thing that I'd like to remind everyone about is that THIS IS NOT A REVIEW. I wouldn't walk into an encounter with her expecting that it go as I describe in my story.

    Please also note that the text is slightly edited to remove some details that could be used to personally identify me, it really takes nothing away from the story so there should be no concern regarding that.

    So, without further ado, for your enjoyment here is the story of "When SmartnSexy met Gaby".


    You walk into the hotel, right on time, where your new client is staying. You feel the same nerves that you've felt who knows how many times before, meeting a new person is always so nerve wracking, but at the same time, the excitement you feel and the racing of your heart is almost an addiction at this point.

    On the right is the lobby area, you glance in that direction as you're walking in. You perceive a young looking gentleman. You think this gentleman might be him, but you're not sure.

    - Why do these hotels insist on keycards to access the elevators?

    You ask yourself.

    As you step up to the elevators he also makes his way there and presses the button. You exchange a quick polite smile, but you see something in his eye, you're pretty confident it’s him. As discussed previously, for the sake of discretion, you say nothing. You know which room you’re supposed to go to, so you'll know soon enough if this is him or not. Part of you kind of hopes he is, after all, he's kind of cute!

    The elevator doors open and you both walk in. He scans his keycard and presses the right floor and gives you a sly mischievous look. You're about to say something to break the tension, but someone else walks in and the tension shoots way back up. The elevator ride is quiet, his floor comes up and he awkwardly walks out before you trying to make it look like he doesn't know who you are, but fails so hard it’s kind of funny and cute all at the same time. You walk behind him a few steps so that any passersby might not think you're both destined for the same room. The excitement is exhilarating at this point.

    - I wonder what he's like or what he likes. He seems sweet enough. I can't wait until we can finally talk!

    You muse to yourself while walking so surreptitiously behind him.

    You get to the end of the hall and he fumbles with the keycard a bit and opens the door. He walks in first and you gracefully follow behind him. You can tell he's nervous so to calm him down you decide to very slowly, but firmly plant a wet passionate kiss right on his lips. He's a bit surprised at first, but quickly begins to reciprocate. You soon find out that this man knows what he's doing when it comes to kissing with just the right amount of tongue, not too much, but certainly not too little you both intertwine your tongue's together for what feels like an eternity, but is actually probably closer to 5 seconds.

    - Thanks.

    He says.

    - I needed that.

    You reply with:

    - I could tell.

    He takes your coat and invites you to sit down on the couch while he hangs it.

    - Can I get you anything to drink?

    Sitting on the couch you both engage in a little small talk, going over likes and dislikes. You see him pause a bit when you mentioned how you like to be dominated. He proceeds to explain how this is an aspect of his sexuality that he'd like to explore and was hoping to find a woman who was truly open and willing to submit to his control. You coyly smile at him and say:

    - Well your search is over; we're going to have fun!

    You can feel that the moment to begin is approaching, but you continue and try to conclude your chat before jumping to the fun. At one point you notice him trying to steal a glance at your arm. This isn't especially unusual for you; you've become accustomed to it. He sees that you saw him and immediately and profusely apologizes. You tell him:

    - No need to be sorry, you're curious and that's natural. This is part of who I am; I'm not ashamed of it. Does it bother you?

    He responds:

    - Actually, I find it incredibly arousing that someone in your situation would chose to have this job. In a world that's so focused on human perfection, you brazenly kicked in the door and said "I have something of value to offer". So to put it simply, no, it doesn't bother me, just tell me if you have any limits because of it or if I hurt you in any way and we'll have fun.

    Ding ding ding! We have a winner! You know it’s time now and he's definitely shown himself to be kind and thoughtful so you proceed to straddle him on the couch and begin a truly passionate make out session. You find that the kiss from earlier was not a fluke, the lip pressure, tongue action, saliva flow, everything is amazing. In one of the brief moments where you pull away from each other for a gasp of air, he compliments you on your kissing and tells you that no session is truly good without amazing DFK like what you're giving him now. You can tell he's genuinely grateful at the time you're having together. But you're about to find out, that this man only gets better from here as his confidence with you grows.

    As you resume your embrace he starts to move down your neckline, slowly kissing and licking and a little light biting of your neck, you collar bone and your upper chest. He finds himself impeded by your top and moves to remove it. You're already way ahead of him and have begun reaching for it. Together, you slowly remove your top exposing a little more of your fantastic breasts which are still covered by your bra. He begins to lick and kiss the exposed area of breast he does have access to and moves to remove your bra. You offer to help him, but he insists on doing it on his own. He says he needs the practice. So cute!

    Eventually he figures it out and now your taut breasts are fully exposed and he proceeds to dine on them, continuing the theme from earlier, kissing, licking and ever so light, yet erotic biting. The next few moments are a blur of kissing and clothing removal, both his and yours. Eventually you get down to just a G-string and he's in his boxer briefs sporting a pretty serious hard on. Just as you begin to eye and feel his throbbing manhood he picks you up and gently, but firmly deposits you on the bed.

    - You're going to suck my cock now.

    He tells you firmly.

    His voice has changed, you can tell he's more confident now that the nervous wreck that let you into the room.

    You smile with delight at his command and pull down his last remaining piece of clothing exposing an already mostly erect cock. You take a moment to observe it, slightly above average in length, clearly above average in girth, clean, shaven, all in all a very nice tool. You think to yourself how much fun this is really going to turn out to be.

    He lies down and you go to work on his dick. Starting slowly, licking the shaft, the head, the balls. You eventually take it into your mouth, only a little bit at first, but eventually you swallow the entire member. While doing this you look up and see his face in amazement at your dick sucking proficiency. A few ups and downs of this and he tells you:

    - Babe, I really like sloppy BJs.

    "Say no more" you think yourself. Without saying a word you give him a wink and proceed to continue to envelope him completely, but this time you're just letting your saliva flow. No effort to contain it or swallow it, just letting it pour all over his now fully hard cock, while doing this you can feel him hold your head down in the position to let the sensation last as long as possible.

    - Fucking awesome.

    Is the next thing you hear him say while letting go of your head and letting you finally take a breath. You decide that his balls need a bit of attention now. So you move to get a better angle and are now directly in line with him, licking his balls while slowly stroking the sloppy mess of your spit and his precum that his is cock now. You can tell he's enjoying himself and you look up at him. Looking back at you, he has eyes that are a mix of intense pleasure and determination. Curious, you decide to leave it alone for now and continue your complete licking tour of his boys. A little more of this goes on and you finally find out what that look was about. You feel a slight pressure on the top of your head now; it's his hand, pressing you down. Obviously you take this to mean lower. You lower your licking zone and he seems please, for a time. Shortly again though, you feel that same pressure, lower! You're now licking his taint, he's definitely enjoying this so you're definitely making sure to really please and tease the area. One more time though, that same pressure. "Lower?" You ask yourself.

    You're now looking at his asshole, you look up to him as if to ask, "Really?", and he nods in anticipation. You go back to looking at it, take a discreet whif, trying to determine if it’s a serviceable area. There is no smell, it's clean, shaved or waxed, you're not sure, but it’s definitely been prepared for your hopeful participation. You take a quick lick, he immediately reacts with a jump of pleasure. You find no odd taste and decide to move forward, licking with more and more intensity, eventually darting your tongue directly into his hole all the while still stoking him slowly, but firmly. You can tell he really likes his. He asks you to stop the stroking, he doesn't want to cum just yet.

    After some amazing rimming he pulls you up for some more passionate kissing. Tells you how he really enjoyed that and that it’s your turn now. He gently lays you on your back, removes your G-string, grabs a pillow, lifts up your butt and places it underneath. He then positions himself as though he plans to be there for a while and begins to dutifully study your beautiful bare mound. He begins to slowly lick the inside of your thigh, moving steadily towards the goal, however, when he gets there instead of looking for the button he keeps moving to the other thigh. What a tease! With your anticipation now properly built, he returns to find your clit. He obviously knows what to look for, but might need a little help. Feeling that he might be too proud to ask, you gently guide his head to where it needs to be. He begins to gently tend to the appropriate area, before long you feel the passion, the hot flash of excitement run over you. His ministrations are definitely working and he doesn't look like he plans to give up anytime soon.

    After some time of his continued attention, you find it no longer possible to resist, the sensation begins to overcome you. Your breathing shortens, your body tenses up, your hand is firmly planted on his head as if to tell him that if he wants to stop now he better get ready to run out the door, because this fucker is going to make you cum or else! Suddenly you feel a powerful sensation and your back arches, this feeling, you know it well, you wish you could feel like this all the time, but alas this time too, must end. Feeling relaxed and satisfied, you sprawl out, just basking in the moment. Your lover comes up and tells you:

    - I want you to taste yourself.

    As he locks in with you in what has become a series of powerful embraces. You taste your bitter sweet juices and wonder what he has planned next for the both of you.

    - Now that you're all ready to go, we're going to fuck.

    Simple, yet powerful and clear. You reach for the condoms and expertly apply one while continuing your make out session with him.

    - Jump on, I want to see those fantastic tits bounce around.

    As he gets on his back you move into position to obey his command. Mounting him you find yourself filled, but not stretched or in pain. You take a moment to get comfortable and begin the up and down that is the cowgirl. He seems mesmerized with your breasts, he grabs and plays with them while you continue with some pausing here and there for the classic clit grind on his smooth and shaved pubic area. After some of this you look at him and decide you want some more DFK. You stop the motion and go down for some tongue action. As soon as you arch yourself downwards enough you feel a shift. "Was this a mistake?" You'll soon find out.

    His legs have changed position. They are no longer flat, but now bent upwards as if to lend him support. He grabs you while still in an embrace and begins an upwards thrust power fuck like you've never experienced before. Almost immediately you feel stimulated, but you're not sure how or why. Is it the clit? Is he hitting the g-spot? Who the fuck cares, my god it feels good. You latch on, holding on for dear life, or orgasm, whichever suits you best at the time. Shortly afterwards you find it’s too much and let go for a second orgasm of the hour.

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    When he senses your orgasm he lets you feel it thoroughly and pulls you back to give you a smirk. He's clearly proud of himself and doesn't care that you know it. Before you can think of what next he's already flipped you around to doggy. You feel him fill you again and start to gently stroke back and forth. As he begins to increase in pace and intensity you feel satisfied, but something is missing, you're just not sure what.

    Suddenly you feel an all too familiar tug at the back of your head. That's it! He's grabbed your hair and is firmly pulling on it. The art of hair pulling is lost on many men, most just pull as hard as they can and cause pain. In this case however, you feel a continuous pull, not too hard, but enough to know that he's in control and you move how he wants you to. This coupled with the occasional slap on the ass and it’s clear he's making his dominance known. He eventually pulls your head up to his, puts his hand gently around your neck and turns it so you can mix saliva once more, because of the angle it’s harder to get a firm lip lock, so there's a lot more exposed tongue interaction. You're definitely starting to feel dirty now.

    At one point you feel his grip loosen and hear him say:

    - Show me how slutty you really are.

    Followed by him completely stopping. You know what you need to do and start pounding away on his cock like it’s the only thing in the world that matters. As you pound away you feel something wet land in your asshole. You wonder what it is, but are far too concerned with showing him you know how to ride a dick like a true master. Soon thereafter you feel his thumb gently rubbing your hole. He's not penetrating, but the sensation of his massaging the so many nerve endings in that area coupled with the banging are starting to really get you hot again. Before you can get too excited you feel his arms wrap around you and pick you up. Your disappointment at his stopping you while you were getting in the groove is overpowered by your sense of wonder about what he might have planned next.

    He puts you down near the couch. "Maybe we'll use this next?" You wonder to yourself. No. He pulls away the table first, then the couch, opens the curtains to the room to expose the street down below. Firmly grabs the base of your hair again and directs you towards the window. Your initial reaction is:

    - What?

    He responds with:

    - You're going to show the world just how much you like to take a cock from behind.

    Your reply is:

    - But what if someone sees me!?!

    He quips back immediately:

    - That's the point.

    He's determined to make this happen and you’re so hot from before you can't help but get over the embarrassment and present your ass to him again. To which he takes his dick and slides it into your dripping wet pussy. Once it’s firmly in place he begins slowly, but rapidly speeds up to power fucking speeds. It feels like you're doing everything you can just to keep him from drilling you through the window. You don't have time to feel embarrassed anymore, you let go of it completely as the cooling sensation of the window covers your tits which are now firmly up against it. You begin to feel weak in the knees. "Oh my god, am I seriously cumming again?" is the only thing going through your mind as you completely lose strength in them for a moment.

    As you begin to fall your lover catches you and smiles. He brings you back to the bed and lies you down on your back to recover. He closes the curtains and returns to you. He doesn't say a word. He doesn't need to. You both know this isn't even close to being done.

    His hand wanders downwards and checks for wetness. He comes back up to show you his fingers covered in pussy juice. As he separates his fingers you can still see a string of juice link them. He moves his hand towards his mouth as if to lick up the juicy goodness. But you stop him, you grab his hand and bring it to your mouth. You swallow his fingers like you would a cock, completely enveloping them and playing with them inside of you mouth.

    - Dirty girl.

    Is all he says. What more does he need to?

    He moves in for a traditional missionary position. You can see it in his eyes that this is where he's going to cum. He enters you, but his attitude softens, he’s more tender in this position. Your eyes lock and you embrace. He begins with a slow motion, allowing you to feel him completely and fully. Eventually moves to a more aggressive pace, pulling back from your tongue dance and grabbing, once again, your bouncing breasts. However, it’s not long before he returns to your lips. This time, you lock your legs around his waist, you're not letting him get out of it so easily next time. He doesn't seem to mind. Suddenly, his breathing is now shortening, you can tell, before he even warns you, the he's close.

    - Baby, I'm going to cum.

    As expected.

    He quickly pulls out and rips the condom off. He's moving up, but you never discussed where he'd cum. This should be interesting!

    He moves all the way up to your face and starts jerking. You open your mouth to catch as much as you can there, but he has no intention of aiming anything. He's determined to cum as hard as he can and aiming just gets in the way of that.

    - Close your eyes.

    He says, knowing that it's going to be messy.

    Not long after he gets to your face does he unleash one of the biggest cumshots you've ever experienced. It’s everywhere, his warm jizz is covering your face. You can't help but find it funny, it's almost ridiculous levels of cum.

    - Been saving up I see?

    You ask.

    He replies:

    - Actually that's my talent.

    - Your talent?

    - Yeah, I find that everyone has a talent when it comes to sex. At least one area where they're better than the average. Some guys get hard quickly again after cumming, others can last a really long time and some, like me, cum like a geyser.

    As he's explaining this to you, you move to start the cleanup, removing some of the cum that's over your eyes so you can at least see. You feel his hand stop yours and almost simultaneously you feel a familiar sensation on your lips.

    - He needs to be cleaned first, before we can get to you.

    You take his cock again in your mouth, sucking out every last bit of cum. After having his dick thoroughly cleaned your partner picks you up and brings you to the bathroom, reminding you not to touch his masterpiece. You hear the shower door open and he gently puts you down and tells you to get on your knees and wait. You assume that he's going to turn the shower on, but the water never comes. Soon though, you feel a different stream, a different warm liquid touch your body. Is he… is he peeing on you?? Oh my god, that pervert! How did he know?

    The stream moves around to properly cover your torso, but slowly moves up and eventually lands on your face.

    - Here, let me help you with that.

    You hear him say as his urine flows down your cheeks, over your forehead and around your mouth.

    Of course, it’s not enough, not for that much cum, so eventually he turns the shower on so you can clean yourself. As you share the shower with him, still somewhat weak legged you feel truly satisfied. You turn to him for more of the embraces you've both come to depend on so much and say:

    - I want you to cum for me again.

    - I don't know baby, it usually takes me a bit to get going again and that was a pretty powerful shot, even for me.

    - I want to try!

    You say insistently.

    - Alright, but don't feel bad if it doesn't happen.

    You get out of the shower and dry each other off and move back to the bed. You lie him back down and go back to the sloppy BJ/rimming combo he seemed to love so much before.

    Much to his surprise it’s working. His cock his starting to throb again and is gradually growing. As it gets harder he gets more and more involved in the action, forcing your head down on his ever growing member. Soon enough he's hard again, looks at you and says:

    - I'm going to fuck your face.

    Over the next few minutes you both try a variety of face fucking positions: your head upside down, you over him while he thrusts up, you on your side, etc... Eventually you sit down and you put your back to the bed. He grabs the sides of your head and uses your face for his personal pleasure once more. You can see him really get into a rhythm and can feel the pleasure mounting. You take your hand and start to tickle his ass, you don't feel the need to penetrate it, and he seems sensitive enough that simple massaging of the nerve endings should be enough.

    You were right. Soon enough your mouth is filled once more with cum. You can tell it’s not as much as the first shot, but still more than the average man's.

    Feel particularly satisfied with your accomplishment you give him a smirk as he's pulling out of your mouth. He laughs and slaps your face with his cock a few times jokingly. You both share a good laugh and fall to the bed. You fall into his arms, and lay your head on his chest. You're both sweaty and satisfied and trying to carve this memory permanently into your minds. Seeing that time is almost up you reticently get up and tell him you need to shower. He declares that he's going to join you and so you go together.

    In the shower together again, he helps to lather your entire body. Standing behind you, you can feel his cock start to grow again. Not a full erection, but certainly enough to make himself known. You think to yourself, "Next time". Just as you think you're about done you feel two arms wrap around you, some nibbling on your ear and a hand hover over your clit. "Is this guy serious???" You think to yourself.

    - A parting gift, something to remember me by.

    He says as he proceeds to massage you into a fourth orgasm of the hour.

    You walk out of the shower with legs as shaky as ever and see him with that self-satisfied smile and can't help but agree that its justified.

    You slowly get dressed, as he watches you, his gaze, once hesitant is now powerful and seductive. In the hour that you were with him, you've transformed him. You both know it, but neither of you say a thing. What else is there to say?

    You walk to the door, and pick up the envelope that you saw out when you came in initially. You ask:

    - Is this for me?

    He nods.

    You stick it in your purse and give him a final goodbye kiss.

    You walk out of the room without saying much more to each other. You know you'll see each other again.

    As you're walking to the car, you call to cancel your plans for that evening.

    You're exhausted.



    I hope you've enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it. Feel free to leave your comments below.

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    50 Shades of GREEN.

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