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Thread: Prettiest Faces of 2013

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    Prettiest Faces of 2013

    Megan Fox, Amber Heard and Jessica Alba.

    Among Escorts ( in order of my preference)

    1. Mia of Delight

    2, Mykaela indie

    3. Jessie of GG

    4.Hannah of GG

    5. June retired ??

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    I agree with you on Jessie and Hannah of GG- I had them down as the 2 prettiest girls at the GG party. Have not seen the other two you mentioned.

    I have since met Alexis of GG and would have her in the top 3 at the party along with Hannah and Jessie, had Alexis been at the GG party. She looks like Valerie Bertinelli, when she was on One Day At A Time in the 1970s.
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    Tianna S. Indy

    Valerie formerly from Plaisirs Rebels (i am not sure if she retired)

    Leah formerly from Plaisirs Rebels, she may be indy now she used to work for Xxxtase

    If i would have met Gabriela Mtl and Zarah from plaisirs rebels in 2013, those 2 would ve gotten a vote if i would ve met them again

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    Lianne from Asservissante

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    Jackie, hot little hungarian dancer at Kingdom.... just adorable overall

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    1- Daisy delights
    2- Mykeala
    3- Vanessa montreal angels
    4- Natalia delights
    5- Hannah goodgirls

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    Kate the party

    Best Regards

    Savoir Faire Is Everywhere !!!

    Trying one day to be " In the Know "

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    Leah at Nadyas VIP
    Mandy at XXXtase
    Bianka at Delights
    Stacy at Delights
    Electra at Angels
    Addison Indy

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    Too much beauties...

    1- Jenni (Diamondz) (She will be in the top of my list for all categories...)
    1- Priscila (Diamondz)
    1- Adisson ex. Mikaela (Never had an encounter, and never will, but I find her Gorgeous in her face pics)
    1- Tina (Diamonz. Did not have an encounter with her but I SAW her and was surprised how pretty this hungarian was)
    1- Kate, obviously (GG)
    1- Katalina, Talyssa, Cassandra, Nicky etc.. Ex Many Agency, Indy etc... Candy latina Face

    Stippers: Mostly all Strippers from SG. And also many from Amazones.
    - Jessie (SG) (I'm in love with her)
    - Veronika (SG)
    - Famous Maria (Le Gentleman Marieville, Hiltop)
    - Mikaela (SG)
    - And many others I don't remember the name... There was this Cassie at Amazones... We went back one week after and were told Cassie was there by the doorman... Well, there was 2 Cassies and none were the pretty one we saw previously...
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    Kate GG - I can vouch for Kate of GG. She is fricken cute.

    Alica MGFE - I would add Alicia of MGFE. Best body and best face of the year. I am not going to give her GFE of the year because she was half of a 3sum. I need to have a solo run with her to validate.

    Katrina of GG - She is very pretty. She reminds me of Kim Kardashian

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    KIM INDY is a good choise

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    Paloma of asservissante and Catalina (many agences, most recently angelescorts)

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    Among active ladies, Jenna/Vivienne of MTLGFE. I love her soft eyes, her sweet lips, the way her darling face is gently sculpted, and the sassy chic style of her hair.


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