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Thread: Who does cindy69 think she is

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    Who does cindy69 think she is

    I have read all 6 post she had to say and nothin good.
    She judges people, I think it is wrong and first of all She isn't even an SP. Because she always says If I was an escort. If don't cut it. I on the other hand am so I have a better view of what happens for both sides of the story where you however are getting under my skin. If you have nothing interesting to say don't say it at all. You seem very imature to me by your comments. And most of them are uncalled for. I would like to know if any of you other people here on MERB aggree with me.

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    Hi 20bucks

    That is what I said also that diff strocks for diff folks.
    But how would you like someone to judge you without knowing you. Are you a loner or stupid because you seek something I don't think so but she does. You know I have a friend who is also a customer and he loves his wife very much but she just won't give him a bj she told him to go and get it anywhere else but from her. So she knows that he gets that from escorts or whoever the point is he isn't a loner he has a loving wife who just doesn't suck prick. But to her he would be considered because he pays so he is also stupid. Did you read her posts?
    Just curious. I love a debate and always listen to both sides of the story before I soot my mouth off.
    All I am saying is I find her ignorant. That's my point of view on HER I don't generalize. And if I do there is an explanation for it.
    Like we both said everyone has their own opinion.

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    hello oliver

    Yes I aggree I just wanted to see how many people would say the same thing that is all. She didn't even have the balls to get back to me on a private message I sent her. And she was on because I seen her name when I checked the users online.
    I don't take nothing to heart, I don't care about the bad things people have to say about me because I stated earlier that everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

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    Cindy69 - a kid ?

    I don't think cindy69 is here any more -

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    Yes I am I was born there and came to canada when I was 2 years old.
    Sorry to hear that it took you 2 hours to find what you were looking for and then it got erased.
    better luck next time!

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