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Thread: When is Montreal going to get Hooters?

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    When is Montreal going to get Hooters?

    The restaurant, of course...

    I know it doesn't fit in well with the French Canadian culture, but there's always a Hooters everywhere else I go.

    I tried Les Princesses but the wait staff wasn't the nicest, and I like the nylons on Hooters waitresses.

    Now, if Casino de Montreal, and Canadian casinos in general, could get scantily clad cocktail waitresses...

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    Crescent Street

    Isn't there a spot open on Crescent Street ??? Maybe in front of some hotel ?? Chateau Royal or something like that ? If so that would be a killer spot for one !!!!! I wouldn't mind going to a Hooter to kill some time.

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    Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe there is a place called "HOUSTERS" somewhere along the Metropolitan, I think... in the east end which is supposed to be similar to the American chain. Although I'm not sure if they are even afiliated with Hooters, or if it's even the same concept but the sign sure looks the same.
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    Thanks for the tip!

    I did some searching...

    Yes, there is a restaurant on Metropolitan. It's called Resto-Bar Le Houster.

    No web site, only a yellow pages listing.

    The one and only Google hit came up with this Montreal Volkswagen owner's club which seems to meet at the Houster's.

    Which they say is the Quebec version of Hooters.

    The Montreal VW Club

    The Canada411 Entry

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    Considering the high amount of beautiful women found in Mtl....whether in stripclubs, bars, restaurants, etc....., i don't believe there is a need for a Hooters on the island. It wouldn't make any money.

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    Are you serious?

    There is no such thing as a 'dead spot' in this city. Everywhere you go from the supermarket to a depaneur there is bound to be a hot piece of ass 16 years old and up. This city does not need one.

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    Why would you want a Hooter's anyway.

    I live in Calgary, but was a long time Montreal resident (34 years, until 1997). We have 2 Hooter's here in Calgary, and to be honest with you, after having been to both (and one in Winnipeg), I don't know why you would want one. The food is so-so, the beer expensive, and from the Hooter's out west, you see better looking women on St. Cathrines St. on a hot afternoon, and the regular women on St. Cathrines are wearing less clothing (on hot day). Combine that with the easily accessible strip clubs (granted, quality does vary), and need for a Hooters is questionable. Besides, all the really hot girls would be working at the strip clubs, anyway. Now, you may be basing your question on the girls at the Hooter's in the US which I have not been to, but the probability is that the experience will be closer to a Calgary/Winnipeg one, than a US one.

    Hooter's out here is starting present itself as a "family" restaurant, so take that into account.


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    houster? ..service by bouche dags

    I once visited this establishment, it must have been an off day. The wait staff seemed to be comprised of semi-dessicated peroxide blondes with the ol' du maurier king size voices.Combined with jouale expletives interspersed in the conversation (tabernac this ostie that) It was a cultural experience (bacterial that is). Pass me a Vachon moon pie and a beverage that's the choice of a new generation, and we'll call it a day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bond_james_bond
    I know it doesn't fit in well with the French Canadian culture, but there's always a Hooters everywhere else I go.

    Home away from home feeling for one meal in Montreal is my guess why you want a Hooters.
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    I was in Charlotte for most of the summer and Hooters is kind of distressing me. The most distressing moment was in Myrtle Beach, where on the beach a man cannot wear a Speedo in the name of decency (my friends and I were warned) but kids can go to Hooters.

    I still have problems figuring out the puritanism of the Bible Belt. Can anyone enlighten me ?

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    Just went by the Hooters in TO (on John St) and to my surprise, it looks pretty run down. Seems like the building used to house an old service station. I've been to the one in Ottawa (near By Market) several times and it's much better. Very hot women at that one!!

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    i've never been to a hooters, and have always wondered about this. originally i was thinking why need hooters when montreal IS hooters? the truth is, everybody has different "limits", like sex workers deciding whether want to work as a 1. sexy waitress without being nude (hooters) 2. nude waitress (princess) 3. non-contact club stripper 4. contact club stripper 5. out-of-island stripper where they do "more" 6. escort

    having hooters is just adding one category in the spectrum, and because it's more widely accepted by society than the others down the line, i'm sure it'll do ok as far as business is concerned.

    your wife may not be ok with you going to a strip joint, but she may be ok with you devouring the 'white meat breasts' at hooters with your buddies

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    Quote Originally Posted by majed
    I've been told that like many restaurant chains who are not in the province of Quebec, it's related to the French bill 101 LAW. Where you have to translate everything in French (paper work, menu, etc) since in The Province of Quebec it's the official language.
    Hooters is expanding; their new airline has been successful and they're coming out with a new casino in Las Vegas.

    So it wouldn't surprise me if, as part of an expansionist move, they hired a bunch of French translators and either buy out Houster's, or place new restaurants in Montreal, a major North American city which they've since overlooked.

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    Doesn't seems to work in Quebec. There was a restaurant in Gatineau about 4-5 years ago and it closed within 1 year. The food at Hooters in not that great, not that healthy and quite expensive. There was also 3 Hooters in Ottawa and one closed again within 1-2 years.
    With most strip clubs having buffet for lunch/dinner, there's just no point for Hooters in Québec. In strip clubs at meal time, for the price of a drink, you get to see naked girls! Why would somebody pay more than twice that in order to see girls wearing tight clothes?
    Maybe in location where SC are not so available or don't offer meals, Hooters have some ground but not in Québec.

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    I could see it working in Montreal... They're not bad to hang and watch a game in. And reading through the thread a lot of the posts make it sound like Hooters has "their own girls" that they bring with them. When infact the waitresses (Hooters Girls) are hired just like any other place. That being said if they did open one downtown, with the crop of women Montreal has, it would be one of the best looking ones around.
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