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Thread: Recommendation for a Double Feature (or is this not a common event)

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    Recommendation for a Double Feature (or is this not a common event)

    I am new to the Montreal area and I have been doing a lot of homework looking through this board in order to come up to speed, so-to-speak.
    It doesn't appear that "Doubles" are a popular event, or am I missing something?

    Looking at Nadya's agency page, I would say that Sheryl and Fiona would make one hell of a night!

    Any thoughts or comments?
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    Double feature's, or like the merb community likes to refer to them as "Duo's", are not everyone's cup of tea. Personally I've had them twice and both were excellent, each one surpassed my expectations.

    I've only ever used Nadya's once (not a duo) and wasn't too impressed with the girl (service wise). She no longer works there.

    I would look for girls who obviously prefer working with each other and are interactive. Pretty much every agency has a few on their roster who do them.

    There was an indy duo working together up until a few months ago (Maria & Byanka) that would have fulfilled all your sexual fantasies but unfortunately split apart.

    Good Luck
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