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Thread: Services not rendered

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    Services not rendered

    Is there anything that can be done when SPs don't provide the service that you have agreed upon (and paid for) in advance?

    I paid extra for visit to Greece. I spent much clock time getting her ready. When the time came to do the deed, she didn't.

    I was so pissed I wanted to ram it in so hard that her ass would split in too. That way she'd never jerk another customer around again. Fortunately for her, I'm a nice guy.

    What's the best way to handle this?

    - Should I ask for my extra money back?
    - Should I hold the extra compensation until the extra services are rendered?

    Malted Milk

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    I'm assuming you didn't get the money back. In that case the first thing to do is post the SP's name here, so others won't get burned - that is the purpose of review boards.

    Is this an agency? If so, have you called them? They may offer restitution, i.e., a reduced rate on a provider who will deliver the services.

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    Malted Milk,

    I agree with Peeping Tom that you should expose the SP if she scammed you but to be sure there was no misunderstanding, could you provide more details?

    Were you dealing thru an agency or with an independent? If thru an agency, did the agency promise you Greek and was there an extra fee charged? Some agency managers make vague promises about certain services but don't charge any extra; I never take those promises seriously. If the agency explicitly promised you greek and charged you extra, then you definitely should call the agency back and demand compensation. Also, how was the payment arranged, was it one of those shady agencies that sent the driver to pick up the cash first b/f letting you see the SP?

    If it was a private arrangement betwen the agency SP and you, you should simply have withheld payment of the extra money. Of course, this can be tricky when the SP asks for the money upfront and puts it in her purse. In that case, let the agency know about their SP's deplorable behavior.

    If it was an explicit arrangement with an independent, you shld email her asking for the money back.

    In any case, you should never allow the money to leave the room before the session is over; the SP can count it but should not put it in her purse. In fact, I only had one incident when the SP put the money in her purse b/f the session even started but I let it go as a bad habit as the SP was from a trusted agency.

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    services not rendered

    To Malted Milk
    Please take this in the spirit in which it is written.
    You are a member of this board, and obviously not just a lurker but a poster.
    I think that you have a moral responsability to your bretheren here on the merb board, (especially those who like a trip to the Greek isles) to give more information about the sp that did not fulfill her contractual obligations. Please give us more details, as per peeping tom's post about how this arose so that we are forewarned.
    This is forum for your comments about the service you receive.

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    I`ve been away for a while. Sorry for no immediate repost.

    Well, the lady was from LFMJ. Her name was Emily or Amely or Amy-Lee or something like that.

    She was a LARGE woman. I was surprised at that because most of the LFMJ ladies that I have met were much more petite.

    If someone knows her real name, please post a reply to fill in the details.

    If you need a numerical review, I`d give her a 3-3-3, , Greek +$50.

    Its the last part that I have my complaint. She accepted the $50 for greek and said it was no problem. When we were trying the deed, she acted like I was impaling her. I don`t want to hurt anyone, so I gave up. (I`ve had other visits to the Isles and know to use plenty of lube and go real slow. Also I`m not that big so I don`t think that was the problem either.) I really think that she uses the Greek think as a scam to get an additional $50 that LFMJ does not know about.

    It would have been nice to either have my money refunded or to have been offered extended or different service -- but I wasn`t.

    Hope this helps.


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    I can sympathize with your situation; technically you did get greek since you did penetrate her anally. On the other hand, you felt compelled to stop because the SP was in 'pain'. Put in the same situation, I probably wouldn't know what to do either and I believe no hobbyist would like a session to end on a sour note.

    Actually, I experienced something similar with another SP, won't mention her name b/c I believe it was an accident, not a scam. We had agreed on CAD 50 for Greek, a minute into the act, I realized that she had semi-crapped on my sheets. While a little mess is acceptable, I had a feeling that the dime-sized blots on my sheets was just the beginning, also seeing that housekeeping was gone for the night and having no intentions of sleeping on crap or the floor, I had to cut short my trip to Greece. Hope I didn't ruin anyone's appetite, just wanted to share something interesting.
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    Red face

    Yikes! I neved did greek and I would not try now

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    Trips to Greece require special preparations!
    If the lady is not realy into it, crap like this is bound to happen

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