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Thread: Hey yall yall

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    Hey yall yall

    I am coming to Montreal to have some fun. I too lazy reading all this. Yall let me know whats good, allright? I ain't talking all hat and no cattle now. I like pulled too green as long as it ain't snake-bit. I am spittin' cotton for datty yall but I don't wanna go bear huntin' with a switch. I know down here yall some dogs won't hunt. But I can't get my cows running yall. I am going fixin now. Yall have a good day.

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    Can someone translate what he just said? I have no idea what he is trying to say other than that he is coming to Montreal to have some fun

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    Whut makes you thank Teksuns tawk funny boa? Ah now kinduh understaynd whut chi tawkin bout. Summtoms Jay Leno dudunt have very good mahtearyul, but hay stll tawks funny

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    You are not going to read the reviews?

    You want some recommendations or do you want a list of agencies so you can pick the girl, call, and Git R Done?

    ~~~ WTF I just say that for? ah Je plaisantais seulement!

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    I am looken for some shay's uh hard hardud whoamun yall.

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    There is a list of agencies..

    Here is the sponsor Merb agencies, and they good indies (the kind that don`t get shot... independents) LOL.

    Remember to be a gentleman.

    good luck.. (I recommend reading the reviews )
    ~~~ WTF I just say that for? ah Je plaisantais seulement!

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