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    OK, now that Peladeau has announced that he wants to help break up Canada, I think its time to cancel my contract with Videotron. The problem is that I'm not too crazy about Bell. Are there any good alternatives? I need 3 services: internet, Tv, and phone(not cell but land line). Any recommendations?

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    If you think that breaking canada is that easy .... What said PKP was a show of smoke ! He is a right winger pro business anti syndicate ! The only way he could get in the pq is by showing is attachment to independence of Quebec ! But once in power PKP is going to kick some ass around! The negotiation of collective bargain on retreat will be at the hart off the next government ! That's why mayor Labaume as such a hard on for him . Again there's not going to be a loosing referendum ! Survey shows us that for a yes it's still under 50% ! Sun " Quebec bashing" Media is own by Quebecor , win win for him also !

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    the other alternatives are Rogers and shaw communications.I switched to bell we will see how the service is.
    good luck.this Moron is a bilioner because of this country now he says he likes to give a coutry to his kids they would be proud of.what a moron.

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    Screw Palideau, I am off to Bell Fibe. I hope they make him sell his shares.

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    You make good points but even so I'd like to show my displeasure by leaving Videotron. If enough people,especially the West Islanders, leave en masse it should put a scare into the PQ and maybe decrease some of Peladeau's wealth.

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    well said Strings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sidney Laflamme View Post
    If you go on Videotron's facebook, you'll see you're not alone!
    why more customers are leaving/

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    I am very happy to see people doing something
    here a man who wants to break up my country
    he is a insult to the people of this country
    I guess he got tired of playing with his millions
    he wants to be a movie star being in the papers and on tv

    so what I say cancel videotron
    as one person you can make a difference

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    Lily from Montreal
    I remember when Péladeau put his newspaper employees in lockout, I would get phone call trying to offer me a Journal de Montreal subscription and I would say I do not read it and especially not as long as Peladeau would act like he did, that as long as there will be a lock-out I would not give money to him...Still don't,that paper is a rag...

    It is actually very strange to see him as a PQ candidate because is is more Reagan in his work approach ...not left at all...

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    Péladeau wants to be king of Quebec.
    It is as simple as that. Marois won't last and this is her heir.
    Have a blast

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    I won't switch because the customer service has been amazing but I will call their customer retention dept and hit them for more stuff free

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    Bell has improved a lot. I switched a few months ago and very pleased with Bell now compared to a few years back.

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    [QUOTE=strings;766502 If enough people,especially the West Islanders, leave en masse it should put a scare into the PQ and maybe decrease some of Peladeau's wealth.[/QUOTE]

    I don't understand how West Islanders cancelling their Videotron would scare the PQ????
    PQ have 0 % chance getting elected in the West Island!

    Peladeau is doing a risky gamble. He knows he'll lose some federalist customers but on the other hand he will gain other separatist ones.
    If the referendum is won and the separation of Quebec sadly happens, he will not have to bother with the CRTC (conseil radio television canadien) anymore because now he has to go in front of a comity in Ottawa when he wants new licenses.

    Also if separation passes, Rogers and Bell Canada will be considered foreign companies in Quebec and Videotron will almost have a monopoly, which is scary...

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    It was intresting reading the boycott comments on Videotron's facebook account. I might be biased against separatists, but I had the impression that they were generally less polite and some had poor grammar. The guy with the "Hall the best" greeting and the answer that followed made me laugh. And what about the other guy who replied to every comment by posting a picture?

    I was tempted to cancel my tv subscription, still pondering about it.

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    Guys, calm down ;-)
    -Bell services is bad. I was with them for many years and got all possible problems. Someone said they improved. Not true. friends of mine are still with them and they will leave for Vidéotron.
    -Caisse de depot (read Québec pensions) invested a lot of our money in Vidéotron: when Vidéotron makes money, we all make money
    -Did I say that Bel is bad?
    -Independance, Separatism, call it as you want, might never happened here. So why bother getting bad tv/phone/internet services
    Been there, done that, got the t-shirt...and panties off :-)

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