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Thread: What is going on in Montreal next week?

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    What is going on in Montreal next week?

    Planning on being in town next week, but the hotels are either booked up solid or priced for Bill Gates.

    I found out about the Molson Indy next weekend, so I fixed it so that I'd return to the Land of Bush before that madness begins.

    That was a little better, but the hotels are still either booked solid or with high rates.

    Anyone know what else is going on next week?

    My fear is a repeat of what happened to me the night before St. Jean Baptiste Day. None of the agencies were reachable by phone. Nothing was available. Out of desperation, tried to book with HDH agency, who promised someone but she never showed up.

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    nothing special

    Just the race. No other major event A suggestion from a local boy Look for a room in Laval there is all kind of motel and hotel.The agency driver love staying away from downtown Montreal all summer long they can make better time

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