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    Question etiquette

    Hi all,

    I want to begin by saying that I am a newbie to the board (but not to the hobby, just did it blindly in the past) and have read all of the posts in the Escort 411 section. I have been reading the reviews of the outcall escorts for the past 6 months and have noticed something in some of the posts that is not addressed in any of the stickies. Certain reviewers will say things in their review like "Celines Fantasies was offering a discount to MERB members today". I want to make one thing clear right up front...I AM NOT LOOKING FOR A DISCOUNT, I BELIEVE IN PAYING FULL PRICE FOR THE SP!!! However, this is my question: When is it appropriate to let the agency or SP know that you are a member of MERB and would like to write a review of the experience? Do you mention it to the agency opperator when booking the appointment or to the SP when she arrives? Or do you never say a word? The last thing I want to do is write a review and then get flamed by the SP or agency because they didn't know that I was going to write a review of her!! I would appreciate some input from the experienced reviewers (ie: Breadman, CS Martin, Orallover, Waiflover etc.) on this.



    PS: Sorry if this is a duplicate post, I may have put it in the wrong place the first time (Escort 411).

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    When dealing for the first time with an agency or indy, I do not necessarily stress or hide the fact that I'm active on review boards. It depends on the circumstances of the initial contact.

    The first time I saw Maylee for example, she knew I saw her review thread on MERB (she asked) but she didn't knew my handle (she didn't asked either). After my second session with her, I put a little appreciation post in her review thread and she quickly made the connexion and know now who I am.

    Even if you go incognito at first, your "secret" board identity will be known as soon as you start posting about your experiences anyway.

    But I've also approached many indies and agencies with them knowing who I was on the board. Most providers are well aware of review boards (even when they say they don't) and generally live very well with the exposure it provides them. It rarely comes as an issue, except for those few SPs with a non review policy.

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    IMHO, it is not necessary to mention MERB unless there is a specific MERB discount being offered. Even then they will not know if you are a member or a lurker.

    Personally I enjoy reading my own reviews... makes great masturbation material and it is always nice to be suprised by a review that I was not expecting.

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    I have a no review policy and whether you are a board member or not wouldn't phase me. As Ronnie said, unless a special rate is being offered there is no reason to share your board affiliations. Oh, and Ronnies reviews really do make exciting masturbation material.


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