I'm very happy to be able to write up a review for my own home town. I'm thrilled that they opened up a NB section to MERB as I've always preferred the style of moderation here to the other forums available for my region.

Unfortunately my first review for the region will be on a BP gamble that didn't really pay off, but unfortunately we don't have nearly as many options here as in Montreal.

I had seen Jade's ads on BP for a while now, she seemed cute enough and I hadn't seen an SP in a few months (due to an unfortunate string of cancellations from traveling agencies as well as no trips to hobby mecca). So while I may not usually go for the ads on BP I went in hoping that this one would be a diamond in the rough. I set this appointment up a few weeks ago, but held back my review to give myself time to mellow and look at the events more objectively.

I texted her in order to set up the rendez-vous, she responded almost immediately, which I took as a good sign. Her responses dropped off from there, but I get from her that she's GFE and we eventually set up an appointment for the following day, early afternoon.

The next day I prepare for our meeting and about an hour before I text to confirm that we're still on. She responds about 10 minutes before the appointed time asking to push it back by 30 minutes, then an hour, eventually it would be about a 3 hour delay from the originally scheduled time. I have a personal rule about delays when dealing with indies (if she delays more than 1 hour on the day of the appointment, I cancel) which I broke in this case and I ultimately regretted it.

She finally gives me a location and room and I make my way to her motel. I get there, knock, she lets me in, we exchange pleasantries, Jade is polite and reserved, maybe a little shy. Jade is a reasonably attractive petite girl, no taller than 5'4", cute face, small B cup breasts. In the pictures she'll prominently display her booty which is indeed quite fine, but she has posture issues which kind of accentuate her butt. I believe the term is Lumbar Lordosis.

As I said, Jade is small, so she's easy to pick up, so we had a bit of fun with that, LFK, BBBJ, DATY, FS. As for the action, she gives a gentle, soft BBBJ, definitely better than having someone's teeth raking your junk, but there wasn't much pressure or tongue action going on during the BBBJ. She's also rather reserved with the kissing, LFK might actually be pushing it as that implies that was some tongue usage. We switched to FS, in mish, now as I said it had been a while for me so I was having a hard time keeping myself from blowing, noticing the time I saw that there would be more than enough time for a second shot so I just go for it. I got to washroom to clean up and get back to bed and she's texting, on two phones at once. Barely acknowledging my presence, eventually she gets a call and asks the caller to call back in 15 minutes, I check the time and we have more than 30 minutes left on her time and I point that out to her. She looks at me and tells me "oh, no, actually it's just one shot". I was going to go into a diatribe about what GFE actually means, but decided it wasn't worth my time. The overall tone of the encounter did not really feel GFE as advertised, it felt a bit awkward most of the time.

I politely get dressed and leave, wondering when my next trip up to Montreal will be.

Would I repeat? No
Would I recommend? She's not someone I would recommend, but if the things I mentioned are fine with you then go ahead, but 30 minutes would probably be the best choice for most.