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Thread: Things SPs do to indicate they had a good time

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    Things SPs do to indicate they had a good time

    Now, we all get curious at the end of a session if the SP had as much as a good time that we had.

    Without asking them outright, sometimes you just have to pick up on the subtle things that an SP does that indicates that they enjoyed your company.

    I've had one SP cuddle up next to me afterwards with our perspiring bodies interlocked. Nothing was said as we just caught our breath. Usually someone would be inclined to say something to beak the silence but we were just comfortable with each other not to say anything.

    I've had a couple SPs give me a friendly slap on my bare ass as I hand them a fresh towel for their shower

    My best indicator from one SP was after a CIM where she was in no hurry to run to the bathroom. She took her time and gave me a thumbs up and high five for her approval.

    Subtle signs like this always leaves a good feeling inside and make the session more personable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDon View Post
    Now, we all get curious at the end of a session if the SP had as much as a good time that we had.
    It's been astonishing how some of the greatest high end ladies opened the door to leave with a big smile having forgotten to get paid and had never mentioned money.

    Other times it was:

    Staying quite a bit longer than planned.

    Inviting me outside to wait with them.

    Offering me non-sexual off the clock time before the intimacy.

    Some deep French kissing and cuddling after she had showered and dressed.

    Asking me how soon or how often I will return.

    Giving out her private number.

    Meeting the next time in a very public place and being a little affectionate.

    Asking me to perform an option I hadn't asked for, that usually has an extra charge, for free.

    Most surprisingly there were a couple of offers by different ladies to share sex with her Bi-SO at the same one-girl rate.

    One offered to go on a cruise off the clock and still be intimate.

    So who was that guy who insists everything is an act???


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    Spending the night for no extra charge and coming back the next day to go to the beach.

    giving her private number or E-mail

    PMing me on MERB just to say hello

    Inviting me out to the car to meet the driver and the other girls

    Having dinner with me (on me of course ) after the session has concluded.

    Saying they liked the wine and having a 2nd glass naked on my lap between orgasms while gyrating to the music.

    Getting into the music I play off my I-phone as we are having sex.

    Teaching me things that get her off or rendering services that typically require and extra fee.

    Remembering many significant details of a previous date we had the year prior.

    Spending an extra hour on the house and inviting me to a Carolina Panthers FB game

    Sharing some intimate details of our lives.

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    hungry101 i have too say i envy you,..good for you buddy..
    Donner une deuxième chance a quelqu'un qui ta trahi c'est comme donner une deuxième balle a quelqu'un qui ta manqué!!!

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    That's good because I was jealous of you when Hazel was crawling all over you during GG3 while I was sitting there contemplating the navel only able to watch.

    I must admit that some of the best and most consistent GFE service I have had has been in Montreal. However, I have never had a girl just sleep over or come back after her shift or invite me out to dinner etc. In Montreal it has been more subtle things like getting into the music, wine, sex, smiling, laughing...Katrina would have had dinner with me at the Holiday Inn but like an idiot I asked her to go over to St Cathrine's. But this is OK. I am getting to the point in my life where fucking all night is more of a chore LOL.

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    It's very hard I think to say if someone genuinely enjoys your company, and not just escorts. Some women might go out on a date, not because they like you so much, but just to eat at a nice place or maybe just because they're bored when alone and have nobody else that night. Some SPs giving extra mileage might be making an investment to turn you into a preferred customer. They probably wouldn't do that if they hated the person, but I don't see that as proof that she's actually having a great time.

    For me, the absolutely sure signs that an escorts enjoys my company are:
    -Spending 1 extra hour or more off the clock talking in bed.
    -Sharing personal details of our lives, (and not just some vague unverifiable stories)
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    For me it would be

    - Asking me to call her directly and not through the agency and inviting me over to her Condo for a dinner date followed by great sex.
    - After our session was over taking me out to dinner and insisting on paying for the both of us.
    - Asking me to walk her out to the parking lot to meet her driver.
    - Asking me to stay longer and only charging me for an hour when I stayed for 3 hours, also ordered room service for dinner and paying for it(I'm not going to argue).
    - Sending me a PM thanking me for the great date that we had.
    - Meeting in a very public place and being affectionate.

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    I have found that being a gentleman and having a sense of humor goes a long way with SP's. Think about it, not every guy treats them with respect and what makes a woman feel more at ease and safe than good conversation and helping them to have a good time and laughter goes a long way for a successful "date" both with a SP and non SP.

    I can relate to almost all of the above scenarios as having happend to myself and one more thing to add that is not on the list so far. I met a certain SP for the first time awhile ago. The date was to be for 2 hours and we were having a great time and she said to me after 45 minutes, "I can stay the whole night if you like, no charge" so needless to say we enjoyed about 12 hours together and in the morning i was checking out of my hotel and since she had arrived the night before via cab, I asked her if she needed a ride somewhere and she said "sure, can you drop me off to my parents house" I guess she had a good time lol.

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    Signs that I am really enjoying my time with you:

    - smiles and laughter - if I am laughing often, or flashing those big smiles where my whole face lights up.
    - sharing personal or intimate details - if our communication is great and I am really enjoying talking to you, I might open up to you.
    - extra cuddles - I love affection and cuddling, especially with someone who also likes to snuggle.
    - extra time - if I don't want to leave, it's because I really am having a great time. I can't always stay late though...sometimes I'll just tell you I don't want to leave, that counts too.

    I noticed a couple people mentioned public affection. I tend to avoid public affection, simply in an effort to be discreet. Many clients are staying at hotels regularly, or are traveling with business associates, etc., so I tend to be careful not to be obvious.

    I find that longer dates are generally more enjoyable for me, an hour often isn't enough time to really connect. Repeat dates tend to offer a level of closeness and connection that is hard to beat.

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    the agency's boss calls up and says "your last hour will be on us". Picked up at the airport and taken to lunch then to the room at no charge. A ride to the airport in the morning after a long night. Introduces her real life gf to me and we party till the sun comes up. Brings home made cookies.

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    This song is dedicated to all the sp's that have either had a great time or may even have fallen in love with myself and my fellow johns who paid them for sex.

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    Lily from Montreal
    I second Tiannas sure sign: I am not a clockwatcher as a rule but when I totally lose sense of time and stay 3h when I was suppose to leave after 2... or if I am the one asking if you can stay longer, guys you can be sure I am having a good time loll

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    I had an SP rub her pubes up against mt pubic hair as we did the deed, sort of like a dog humping a leg. She was very enthusiastic and expended a lot of energy rubbing he clit on me. I an sure she had a good time and the screams of pleasure were not acting.

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    A SP asked me on which site I found information about her. The day after, I sent her the info and she told me she had problem walking because I made her come three times.

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    Well I have a couple who have my home number and I have theirs, a few who are on my Facebook page as friends , I have seen some of them out of the business ( regular dates) have had a couple spend the weekend with me (no money discussed or exchanged) and probably the best for me ( I fell in love ) I met my ex while she was in the business and we had a relationship for 6 years during which time she moved in with me (along with her son ) she quit the business and although we are no longer together, she has not returned to the business of being an SP
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