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Thread: curious European seeks a little help

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    Question curious European seeks a little help

    Hi Merb community

    Before I start, let me say, yes I have read the guidelines on this forum and yes I have performed some searches prior to this post/question of mine. To say it with U2 "I still haven`t found what I`m looking for". That`s why I am looking for help here. Since I know thta help sometimes (most of the time) is a two way street, I can only offer to help anyone with questions on our hobby if someone`s going to explore Germany`s world of ... well ... you know.

    I`m from Cologne, Germany and I will be visiting Montreal for the first time in June. It is going to be a work trip, but I will also want to spend time and money for some fun. I have never been to Canada before, but I know the whole thing works a bit different from how it goes down here. Yes, there are escort agencies in Germany as well, but I think around 90% of hobbyists find other wys of getting (paid) satsfaction than booking an escort. I am not new to the world of paid sex, but I am to total newbie when it comes to escort booking, especially in a foreign country.

    Basically I have four questions:

    1.) Escort? I want a companion to satisfy my sexual desires. I do not want to take her out for dinner. So basically escorts are prostititutes, right (I don`t know if that word in an insult in Canada. In Germany it is not)
    2.) I have read the ettiquette for hobbyists (, but why all this research. Are there so many bad experiences? Do I have to be afraid that she brings some dudes with her, that are going to rob me?
    3.) In Germany you are not allowed to touch strippers during a lap dance. I have heard that this is different in Canada. What can happen at a strip club. What not?
    4.) What`s up with all the massage parlours and spas? What is going to happen there?

    I know I asking a lot. I have not much to offer in return (obviously i cannot post any experiences yet). But I will be polite and thankful :-) and I will help anybody with questions and hookups when asking about how it works best in Germany (and some other parts of Europe).
    Thanks for your help


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    1. Basically, yes. Some escorts offer incall where you go to meet them at their hotel room or condo. Some offer outcall where they come to your hotel room or condo.
    2. The stress on research is that many posters ask questions for which they could easily find the answers themselves. It distracts from the reviews, which is the main point of this board. Not that all questions are bad, but it is appreciated when the asker has at least made some effort before asking.

    Regarding bad experiences, if you stick to the reputable agencies there will be no problem. From personal experience, Delight, XXXTase, Good Girls, and Asservissante are all trustworthy agencies. (I list these because these are the 4 that I have personally dealt with. There are definitely others as well that are well reviewed... Satin Dreams, Montreal Sex City, Wild Times to name a few)

    3. Rules regarding strippers are different in different provinces. I haven't been to a strip club in years, but I believe that the rule in Quebec is that you can't touch them in the Y and they must at least keep a g-string on. You can get a fully naked dance, but then there is no touching allowed. Of course, there are clubs where these rules are ignored and you can get much higher mileage, but these clubs are generally outside of the Montreal area. The downtown clubs are not a place to try this...

    4. I have never been to a massage parlour (their nickname of "rub and tug" probably says it all) and the only spas I have been to generally offered only massages, saunas and a jump into ridiculously cold water afterward... Maybe someone else has more to add?

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    1. To be politically correct, they are called escorts because you pay for their time. What happens during that time is between two consenting adults. Read between the lines. I don't want to offend any escorts. (Or prostitutes for that matter).

    2. Bad experiences usually occur when you expect a certain girl or service and don't get it (bait and switch). An agency shows you pics of a supermodel and a plain jane shows up to your room. Or you might expect a certain service but she doesn't offer it and then it leads to a bad experience. Chances of violence or a crime is rare.

    3. Depends on the club but the ones that offer lap dances will allow you to touch with limits. Each girl will vary.

    4. Spas offer the services of a hostess (girl) who will cuddle up with you in a hot tub nude and then follow it with a light massage and depending on your tip discretion previously discussed, generally speaking the highest option is a body slide with happy ending. Some massage parlours with no spa services will offer you a massage with a variety of options available to you depending on the girl and parlour.

    My two cents.
    Hope that helps!

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    Thank you

    Thanks a lot for the helpful answes.
    The gained lnowledhe will help a lot when I'm down there

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    Quote Originally Posted by franzini2000 View Post
    Thanks a lot for the helpful answes.
    The gained lnowledhe will help a lot when I'm down there
    I don't get it? You are from the land of the FKK and you are coming over to Montreal to hobby? The FKK's are about the best deal going.
    I do believe that the Montreal escorts provide the best GFE service in the world.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hungry101 View Post
    I don't get it? You are from the land of the FKK and you are coming over to Montreal to hobby? The FKK's are about the best deal going.
    I do believe that the Montreal escorts provide the best GFE service in the world.
    FKKs are dominated by Romanians. I'm sure franzini2000 would like a little variety of the French Canadian kind. Besides FKKs are not that much cheaper unless you spend multiple hours in order to spread out the overhead of the entry fee. Take a typical house fee of €50 plus 60 min with girl €75 - €100. Total damage €125-€150. If you go with the larger clubs with higher entry fees (€60-€80), going to FKKs for one hour is more expensive than an hour with an agency in Montreal.

    franzini2000 - Go with well-reviewed providers and you shouldn't have to worry about your concern in 2.

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    1) Yeah escorts are thecnically prostitutes. Its just escorts sound more classy... What Kummer mention is just the way the services are list on websites to stay correct with the law. As the laws about prostitution in canada is a little different then most places. There shades of grey... street hooking is illegal (i think) but outcall is totally permited. Incall i think they changed the law recently but its a little more thecnical. Won't get into details too much to not say bullshit, but with outcall you are sure to be 100% legal. As for "companionship time" well lets just say no escort will come to your room and remain with you thinking there won't be sex involved... lol its just that if YOU decide you don't want sex(some dudes actually does... ) then you still have to pay for her 'time".

    2) There is 2 sides of the montreal hobby scene. There is the reputed agencies, generally listing here, and some who don't but still have good reputation(asservissante for exemple) then there is the backpage, annonce 123 and the newspaper agencies. Basically the people who used those usually are dudes that don't mind the gambling factor too much, have got around most of the reputed agenies and would like to find the hidden gem... wich sometimes there is, but its rare. More often than not those ends in a baint and switch, or a girl not proving what she said she would and so on...

    Having a bad experience with a reputed agency is way more rare these days then when i started seeing girls in 2009. Back in those days devilish/girls on fire was dominating the scene and i was checking lots of reviews and it seem it was hit or miss. There was some well reviewed girls that kept the positive coming, others that where pilling the negative and yet stayed with the agency, and others who where hit or miss. Now these days it seem the quality standard is much highter, and some well reputed agencies don't tolerate bad reviews coming one after the other... wich is all good for us the clients. They let go those girls... so unless the girls is physically not your type at all, having a terrible experience is rare. But you can always send back a girl that you don't like physically. (just give a 20 for driver)

    3) Strip club varies from places to places. The basic is 10$ dances with touching of the ass and tits... Some places its 15$ ... some its 20$. I have not been to many 20$ places but the one i know, the lady mary ann in quebec city it was fully nude dances, touching allowed for boobs and ass, but not the Y. 10$ and 15$ dance place usually they keep the bottom.

    4) I never used those services, but from what i heard there places where you can get a massage(obviously) and with different extras usually touching the girl and getting an handjob... but i also heard some places they offer full services... In any case, like i said, never used those, probably will never do either, so not the best knowledge of them
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    Since you're on a trip you will probably have an hotel room anyway, so I would go with Outcall escorts. It should be the most convenient for you and that's the completely legal way to do it. The government is writing a new law for the end of this year. Make sure you get an hotel that is friendly for escorts. You can find info on merb in the Hotel section.

    You will pay for the escort's time and you will have sex, but it's not prostitution (it's magic!). Prostitution is not even defined clearly in the present law. Most escorts don't like the word. It's like the word 'cop', it does not really say anything about what the person does exactly.

    Better not go to massage place for sex. It's technically illegal, and many don't offer that so you may not get what you are looking for. But if you really want an erotic massage with a handjob there are plenty of good ones to choose from.
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