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Thread: Who wants an incall option?

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    Red face Who wants an incall option?

    Hello gentlemen!

    We are pretty much decided that we will be offering you an incall option to meet with our ladies as of latest next Monday. The location will be downtown in a clean condo and easy to access part of town. What I would love to know from you guys is, the yay's vs the nay's and comments on how to better serve you with this new option. Thnx fellas!

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    hi....i have too say that i really dont like incall place anymore...that is on another thread i have too say...but too answer yours question....mouthwash,towel,soap,and cleaness of the place...also parking place available....that is the main thing i think for me....hope you succeed...and btw i gonna use your service reallllyyyyyy sooonnn outcall for me...
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    i am for incall since more options better.

    i wuld recomend plenty of towels and liquid bath wash (no soap bars) and also mouthwash. it must also be clean and shower drain must drain fast since no one likes taking shower where the water goes to thier ankels.

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    That is a great news. I really prefer incall. Like panthere said, the place has to be clean, with a shower, towel, soap... easily accessible downtown and with as much privacy as possible. I cannot wait to be able to meet the beautiful girls from mtlgfe Thanks michael

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    Look behind you.
    Yes, incall gets 90 % of my business.

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    I am peronally an outcall client, but im wondering why you guys don't bring your own soap and personal hygiene tool? I mean i know a towel is a bit more complicated but how hard is it to bring a soap bar, your toothbrush and such... lol. I wouldn't personally use a mouthwash thing that somebody used before me for sure.

    In any case it seem incall is starting to take a place in the outcall agencies, wich i guess is a good thing for people who prefer that. My only recomandation would be to let the clients choose, as i would hate personally to go to MTL, rent my hotel and then realize the girl i want is only avalaible outcall.

    I know incall may be a great thing for the montreal guys, this way they can avoid having there meeting at there house and they don't pay an hotel room for nothing, but to us the out of towners, its not like we can really avoid renting a room, as we have to sleep somewhere, therefore since i pay anyway i prefer a gazillion time having my date in my room... In summer i won't arrive a sweaty mess at the incall place, and in winter i won't have to freeze my ass walking there... :P Also i can relax and prepare myself myself in my stuff while waiting for my date, and when we are done and she leave, i can jump once again in the shower and take my time, relax on the bed, i don't have to immediately get dress and walk away.
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    seems like when i post...i have to be detaillllllll sooo much lollll...soap..common i am thinking about liquid too..not soap bars grrrr.....and for mouthwash...i am not thinking about a bottle that allllll of us could use...lolll...damn...sometimes i am i have to tell alllllllllll in details my post lolll..common...i am realllllllllllllll clean person..also you could even put a bottle of purell also...
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    It's nice to have the option of incall or outcall, though. Remember, MTLGFE recently had a problem of some guy filming one of their girls, too. An incall location would be far safer for them.

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    Incall all the way! Keep it clean, easy to reach, and you may have a new client.

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    Good luck, Mike and Billy. I personally wouldn't use infall as my means of getting around Montreal is limited when I am there. Cost of a taxi to and from plus the incall rate is more than the cost of outcall for me. Hope it works out for you.
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    Incall is like eating fast food, you get in you get out. I like to enjoy my meal in my own comforts.

    Cleanliness of the location is my biggest problem with incalls.

    You should have dedicated girls for incall and outcall. Don't have the girls do both, it will be less of a headache.
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    Incall is a good idea. Have porn movies available . . .
    Mouthwash, soap, lots of towels . . .

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    When I lived on the Island, I preferred Outcalls.
    Now that I live off the Island, I prefer Incalls.

    Key factors in incall location (for me)
    - Clean towels
    - Clean Place
    - A little bit of decoration that makes a place looked "lived in" (even if it is not). A mattress thrown on the floor sets the wrong kind of ambience for an "intimate encounter".

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    As was already said here but this is what I look for:

    Nice Bed with very clean sheets (needs to smell fresh)
    Clean Shower and bathroom with lots of towels
    Liquid soap (but not any soap...a decent soap that does not smell overbearing so others can smell you after!)
    Individual Mouth Wash
    Good Lighting (Ambience)
    Good Furniture (lived-in look)
    Easy parking (discreet is even better)

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    An Incall option with a 120$/30mn option would increase your regular clientele...

    Outcall bring irregular outowner clientele.

    Incall bring regular local clientele.
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