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    I'm going to Toronto soon and I'd like to get some TLC over there. Itried to sign up on terb to ask the local people for advice but my account won't activate.

    So maybe you guys know of sp/mp over there that are worth the while?


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    Depends on what you're looking for. Put some details to your request - age, type,etc.

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    For this kind of thing, I like fit or even athletic girls with big man mades (I havent seen too big yet). They gotta be well made too
    Under 35 preferably with good service.
    I'm also kind of on a budget, so ideally 200/h would be good.

    I'm asking a lot I know, but it's part of having a great time, isn't it?

    I met Katie from nadya's in montreal the other day, and it was a really good experience.
    Otherwise, I found this girl on the web, which I'd like to get my hands on, though she probably doesn't do this kind of thing (and is in Vancouver), and doesn't seem to have much to say

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    Amber a.k.a. Jessica Rabbit she is in Durham, big man mades and awesome skills.

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    May I suggest providing some useful contributions and not just reading...

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    experienced same issue with terb account wont activate

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    $200/h? That's gonna be a bit tough.

    Are you talking about incall or outcall?

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    Standard agency incall rates in TO are 150/250. Independents will vary.

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    I seen lots of 300H for toronto... of course if you can satisfy for a 30 min quicky incall its different...

    Try Mirage, there roster looks fantastic...

    As for TERB i sign up ages ago, never posted much... think i have barely 10 posts lol. Its weird our accounts don't work on all 3 boards... since its run by the same person.
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