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Thread: Verified by Visa --- does anyone use it ? + asking about birthdate etc.

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    Verified by Visa --- does anyone use it ? + asking about birthdate etc.

    Hi does anyone here use Verified by Visa to buy stuff on the internet?

    What are your experiences?

    Are you comfortable giving out personal info such as birthdate?

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    I never subscribed to it explicitly, but some Internet purchases have redirected me to a verified by Visa page. I don't recall giving any personal info though in order to make the transaction go through.

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    It adds one additional layer of security, so that's good.

    I think you can subscribe to it through your bank website, maybe also from the Visa one. You define a password for your Visa, and when you pay with it on Internet, websites which use this added security will ask for it + your usual Visa card info.

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    Yeah it's good to have, like the guy said it's just an added level of security so even if someone has your number they can't buy things online for some products

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    And I believe Mastercaard has the same thing.

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    You have to create a password to use this service . In a nutshell, it's must have.
    With this your card can not be cloned by anyone

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    I very rarely buy with my credit card on the net, exept with Paypal wich is very safe... the seller don't get your info but he still does get the money so its perfect. I buy on ebay, i was paying a comic book subscription for years with paypal... best way to pay without concern. I pay my cell online with my credit card and on some rare ocasions, show tickets and such... but very rare.
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