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    Fantasy Football

    If anyone is interested, I have set up a fantasy league at the NFL website. Free to join, we need 12 'owners/hobbyist' to play head to head against each other. There will be an automatic draft held on September 7, all team owners will receive 14 different players from different teams. You will have to select 8 players to play each week to go head to head with another owner in the league. Trades are allowed. Scoring is based on overall performance by the player that week. The total of all your players vs. the total of your opponents players decides the winner for that week.

    Requires you to register and have a team name. Managing your team could require as little as 15 minutes a week, more if you are really keen.

    Please PM me if you are really interested. I will supply you with League Name and password. Then log onto the league and submit your team.


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    Welcome Doc and Dee to the league. We are looking for 6 more 'owners' for the league. Draft is next Wed.

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    only 4 teams as of tonight !!!! come on join up !!!!!!

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