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Thread: Anti-itinerants Spikes what do you think?

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    between you and "them"

    Anti-itinerants Spikes what do you think?

    I walked past them this week and felt so bad...Are we such an hardened society ? First euthanasia law in Supreme court, then C-36,then this...We are moving toward pre-war Germany...

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    i dont have a problem with them. i use to own a business and having bums, drunks, homeles peopel sleeping and sitting in front of the busines takes away customers.

    i think the government shuld improve services for homeles but busineses shouldnt have to putup with homeles peopel using there entrance and steps and window sills as chairs and beds scaring away customers and makeing customers uncomfortabel about entering the establishment. how would most peopel feel about the bums, drunks, homeles peopel doing the same thing to where they live or at the school where there kids go to skool.

    i take subway every day and ofen see homeless/bums sleep on benches on the waiting platform and wen bums sleep on the benches on the platform most peopel will not go near the bench or sit on the bench even if the person was not using the whole bench to sleep. same with businesses.

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