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Thread: Planning a Montreal Trip this Fall

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    Planning a Montreal Trip this Fall

    Do the massage places work the same way as the Toronto? Was looking for a FAQ on that. Also, looking for recommendations. Frequented SRM2 and Airport Golden Spa in Toronto (which are both great). Any equivalents in Montreal? Thanks!

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    How do they work in To?
    In Mtl you pay for the room,usually around 60$/hr and tip for service, between 60$ to 120$ depending on the services obtained and satisfaction for the services

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    Seems similar. You rent the room (about $60 for 45 min) then can select a service (like a BS) for another $80 or so. Its a YMMV situation, so I was curious if Montreal was more liberal, couldn't find any FAQ on the Montreal MP scene. (I am a newbie, so I may have missed it). Thanks

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