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Thread: We only live once! I have been diagnosed with...

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    We only live once! I have been diagnosed with...


    1. Exquisite and friendly professionalism accompanied by an incurable creativity and originality disorder.
    2. Simultaneous smiling and laughter affliction pronounced by multiple and intense joie de vivre symptoms.
    3. Poisonous and contagious genetic sensuality condition affected by a broad playful kinkiness inclination.
    4. Raw sexual energy syndrome with suspicion of insatiable pleasure-desire disease.
    5. Alluring curve appeal and permanent stylish long legs illness.

    Undeniable medical evidence provided by a group of leading experts:
    ``When the door opened, and I was greeted by a squeal of delight and a deep hug and kiss, I knew I was going to have a lot of fun. Gabriella is everything you might expect from her recommendations. There is not a trace of pretense with this woman, nothing artificial or fake. She is smart as a whip, very modest and genuine, with a wonderful body that is built for sex. She is quite simply, amazing.”
    Read the complete report by Dr. Porthos, here.

    ``Gabriella is definitely a lovely, witty, and funny lady that knows how to please. Her photos and ads are completely accurate, and her writing is very representative of her personality; artistic, erotic and yet very classy, infused throughout with sensuality and playfulness... The afternoon encounter was entirely unrushed and the ambience very serene, and Gabriella`s manner and attention to detail was absolutely exemplary… Suffice it to say that my expectations were not only met but exceeded. Thank you so very much, Gabriella, for the lovely time in your exotic presence, your alluring charm, wit, and joie de vivre!``
    Read the complete report by Dr. Futileresistenz, here.

    ``As usual I will not reveal any of the specifics of our play time but rest assured Gabriella is an eye opening experience that is best realized in person...not written words. By that I mean some things in this world have to be seen to be believed… Her personality and attitude are surpassed only by her skills and talents in the bedroom and I submit that is a lethally sexy combination!``
    Read the complete report by Dr. SteveCurious, here.

    General assessment and short translation for Gabriella’s chronic condition:
    ``Gents, this lady knows how to please a man. She’s in her mid thirties, which everyone knows means she is at the peak of her sexuality. Experienced and skilled at pleasing a man she leaves you breathless but wanting more.It must be said that Gabriella enjoys herself too...there are times when I think she’s enjoying herself more than me and that’s saying something. If you’re looking for a classy, beautiful companion this is the woman for you.``
    Read the complete report by Dr. Face2Face, retired MD, here.

    ``Gents there are girls, women, ladies and companions. Gabby is a companion through and through.``
    Read the complete report by Dr. Newbie09876, here.

    Recommendation for treatment:
    Even though there will never be a cure for Gabriella’s many afflictions, Gabriella should avoid, at all cost, solitary confinement and spend as much time as possible in the company of respectful, courteous and kind ladies, gentlemen and open-minded couples.

    For more information on patient Gabriella Laurence:

    Consulting specialists can create their own objective information study report by scheduling an assessment rendez-vous at:
    [email protected]
    Minimum of 48 hours notice required

    Montreal availability:
    Limited and variable so please contact Gabriella via email for more information.

    Gabriella`s special outcall consulting rate until July 31st:

    Please click here for details.

    Warnings!.....>>> Possible side effects from The Gabriella Experience:
    ``I’m not going to go into details of our encounter. I am simply going to say that this woman truly is a goddess. My time with her took me to levels of sexual intensity that I have never experienced before. She is beautiful, with an infectious smile and laugh. She loves life and she loves pleasure, and my god before you leave her you feel like you’ve lived for the first time, and you will experience pleasure like you never have before.``
    Read the complete report by Dr. Porthos, here.

    ``As I go, my heart is light but my legs are heavy, still in a daze from our morning rendez-vous. A Saturday morning to remember. Even as I write these lines, I am well, thinking of future possibilities….. My next step, if you must ask? Well, that would a tale of high adventure….``
    Read the complete report by Dr. T, here.

    Concise summary of warnings available for the following cities:
    Montreal (Merb)
    Saint John

    More review and recommendation links available on the main page of Gabriella`s website.

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    Welcome to distinctive exclusivity, exquisite refinement and classic elegance

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    Ladies, gentlemen and sexy open-minded couples,

    I hope you are all having a fantastic week! I am getting ready to leave for Ottawa but I will be back before you know it

    I would like to remind you that my availability as a part-time companion is quite limited and if you wish for the two (or three ) of us to spend time together, I do need a reasonable notice of at least 48 hours. I understand it might not always be convenient for you but it is the only way I can arrange a sassy get together with you.

    Enjoy the warm weather while it lasts!

    Gabriella xox

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    Welcome to distinctive exclusivity, exquisite refinement and classic elegance

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