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Thread: Is a Swingers Club worth it for a single guy? What's L'Orage like for single guys?

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    Is a Swingers Club worth it for a single guy? What's L'Orage like for single guys?

    I'm kinda new to the Montreal scene, I'm a single male, and I'm wondering if a Swingers club like L'Orage is worth attending for a single guy looking for fun with a girl or couple...

    OR if my money would be better spent in a massage studio.

    At L'Orage for example, it's $ 50 for a membership, then another $ 40 to get in the door on Thursdays which is the only night single men can atend.

    What can I get out of it? Are my chances good I'll find single girls there or couple willing to entertain a single guy?

    Or is it just a SausageFest?

    I don't want to waste my money and be disappointed, at least in a massage studio I can get some pleasure.

    Seeking opinions. Anybody been to L'Orage? How did the single guys do?

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    Hey Monboy, I have a lot of experience with swinging, mainly in the UK and Europe. I've only been to L'Orange once but the crowd was too mature for me.
    From my experience attending a party as a single man is not ideal, unless you arrange with a couple online beforehand and go to their private party. You don't get single girls, you get couples who are looking for a threesome or gangbang. There will be a lot of single men on the only night they are allowed, and from my experience the couples who attend those nights are less attractive than usual crowd.
    If you want guaranteed action the massage parlour is the better bet. If you attend a swingers' club as a couple you will have a better time as couples are preferred.

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    I would pick a SP over a massage parlor if all you want is to get laid. Some good incalls here.

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    Single guys can also attend on Fridays at l'Orage. Thursdays sux there btw.

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    I have been in many swingers clubs and even organized many special soirées and the truth is NO!!! Single men rarely see action unless couples are in the mood for a threesome which is rare or a gangbang, very rare as well....For the money you will spend just in cover charge is really not worth it. And if you are Lucky and get a single woman there.....she's been hired to be there most likely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingstrahd View Post
    Lucky and get a single woman there.....she's been hired to be there most likely.
    I have sent many escorts in swingers club ,requested by single guys .

    Some girls wants to play the game .



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    so what other Swingers clubs are there in Montreal that are better for single guys? There was the Swinging Hotel at 1082 Rosemont but that's closed now. I was told there's another one called Dice. Even if it's a smaller club, any that stand out especially suited to single guys?

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    It is probably like dating sites, many guys with limited females. I agree with Booker that Sp's could be there. Personally I would not take the chance and end up at a sausage fest, spend the 200 and get an escort... But that is just my opinion.

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    All things that involve no strings attached sex will have 100 guys for 1 girl.
    Swingers clubs cater to couples.
    BDSM clubs attract more piles of men, it is the women that are difficult to attract and this usually involves getting guys to bring their wives, girl friends,m mistresses whatever.

    Internet clubs are the same. So, the guys vastly outnumber girls. These sites employ female actresses to phone, email or pm you to suck you in.
    Masquerade as a girl here. You will get dozens of offers very quickly. But as a guy good luck.

    As for serious relationship sites or events. More women than men... but they will limit the women attending to match the number of men. Still in these places amateur SP and their pimps attend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by monboy View Post
    so what other Swingers clubs are there in Montreal that are better for single guys?
    What makes you think that any of them are going to be any good for single guys?

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    I prefer a massage studio. You have to pay, but you choose all you want. For me it's easy.
    The sea breeze amb the mountain air in emasajesbarcelona

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    A single guy going to a swingers club alone is lie a guy going to a picnic without a basket of food. Do you expect people to share?

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    For a single man, if you want to have fun, you better see a masseuse or an escort.
    I tried L'Auberge 1082 a few years ago (It is closed now). There was a girl who seemed to be paid to have sex with customers, but if you're out of her league, you have to forget it.

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    I've been to L'Orage several times on a Friday night as a single male. First, it tends to be an older crowd, thirties, forties and older. Second, they are not all beautiful people by any means. Nothing wrong with that, but don't expect the fantasy gang bangs you see on porn sites. There are way too many single men for the available women on Fridays. I guess that suits the owner as he makes good money off the men. However, there is action, and each time I've been, there have been women sucking and fucking a whole bunch of guys. My guess is that it is a fetish for some women to get fucked by a bunch of guys, and frankly they are the ones who get the most out of the club. It is not uncommon for a girl to be having sex with her boyfriend and other guys at the same time. They seem to be in it together, and both enjoy the play. If you like the idea of public group sex, and the thrill of the chase, then it might be a fun night out.

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    I think you should attend first as a couple because like that when you end up going by yourself, you will know what to expect.
    The first time, if you don't like the scene, you can just have sex with your partner, rather than just leaving.

    However I'm guessing you don't have someone to bring because of the nature of this thread. You could try asking an SP you get along with. Find a friend who just likes to bang. Look on Craigslist?
    Sorry I don't have good ideas for this

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