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Thread: Happy 10th B-Day SHOWGIRLS!

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    Happy 10th B-Day SHOWGIRLS!


    Yes, this movie is in my collection, and yes I can say it's one of those guilty pleasure flicks that I enjoy... Maybe it's the campy qualities, maybe it's my love for strippers/strip clubs, maybe it's the continuous nudity, maybe it's because everyone else hates it... I don't know, but I dig it, I'll be watching it tonight, and I can only hope someday they put out a better DVD version...



    Released to US Theaters: Friday, September 22nd, 1995
    MPAA Rating: NC-17
    Runtime: 131 minutes (2 hours and 11 minutes)

    Genre: Drama
    Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1

    $45,000,000 (estimated)

    Opening Weekend: $8,112,627
    (1,388 theaters, $5,844 average)
    % of Total Gross: 39.9%

    Widest Release: 1,388 theaters

    Domestic: $20,350,754

    Ten years ago, this weekend! Yes, it's been a whole decade since Showgirls opened in theaters across the United States. Intended to be the next stepping up stone from 1992's Basic Instinct, the film was shredded by just about everyone on the planet and later set an all-time RAZZIE Award record with a sweeping 13 nominations. Its star, Elizabeth Berkley, almost never recovered from the fallout, but the home video and DVD market would prove to be very kind to Showgirls by giving it quite a massive cult following over the next ten years, effectively reviving it from the dead.

    Trivia & Other Random Facts:
    Branded "unproduceable", the script made the Hollywood rounds for years before being picked up by Paul Verhoeven and Joe Eszterhas.

    The filmmakers wanted Madonna to play Cristal Conners and Drew Barrymore to play Nomi Malone. The name card Gaye takes off the mirror when she shows Nomi her table in the dressing room even says "Drew."

    The cover image for this movie is a remake of a famous photograph by Slovak photographer Tono Stano.

    Set an all-time RAZZIE Award record with 13 Nominations (with only 12 categories voted that year). Its seven "wins" tie it with Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000 (2000) as the most dis-honored film in RAZZIE History.

    When the film swept The 16th Annual RAZZIE Awards, Paul Verhoeven turned up in person to accept Worst Director and Worst Picture.

    After this film bombed at the box office and "swept" the 16th Annual RAZZIE Awards, MGM/UA attempted to re-market it as a "Midnight Cult Flick" ŕ la The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975). A new print ad, with a leopard-skin patterned background and prominently mentioning the film's seven RAZZIE "Wins" ran in several L.A. area newspapers, promoting midnight showings in West Hollywood in Spring, 1996. Clever though it was, this new marketing gimmick also failed.

    Elizabeth Berkley was paid only $100,000 for playing the lead in the film. When a special V.I.P. edition boxed set was released she requested $2,500 to be interviewed. They declined.

    Elizabeth Berkley spends approximately 20 minutes, or 1/6 of the entire film, completely nude.

    The only interior scenes that were actually filmed in Las Vegas are the first ones in which Nomi plays slot machines.

    The director was insistent that actors not ad-lib or change lines as they were scripted. Two changes were allowed: The line "smiling beaver" was changed to "smiling snatch", and the line "She's ginchy" was changed to "She's no butterfly".

    The only time actresses complained that they felt uncomfortable was during the scenes with the monkeys, who constantly stared at their bare breasts.

    Elizabeth Berkley regularly worked 16 hours a day in high heels, while filming the dance scenes.

    The name "Nomi Malone" came from Joe Eszterhas's wife's nickname, Nomi (her real name is Naomi). He chose "Malone" because he thought of Nomi as being "alone" in the world.

    Charlize Theron auditioned for the role of Nomi Malone.

    Sharon Stone auditioned for the role of Crystal Connors.

    Gina Gershon declined to recreate the Sharon Stone leg crossing scene from Basic Instinct (1992).

    Jenny McCarthy auditioned for the lead and was very much in the running until it was discovered that she couldn't dance.

    The "Los Angeles" freeway sign at the end of the movie, was a hint at a sequel that Paul Verhoeven and Joe Eszterhas were already planning for, but was abandoned when this movie debuted. The sequel was to have Nomi going to Hollywood and taking on the movie business.

    Finola Hughes auditioned for the role of Cristal Connors.

    Smithee: [Paul Verhoeven] Credited as "Jan Jansen" in the edited TV version.

    One of MGM's top 20 all-time bestsellers.

    Alternate Versions:
    The movie in the USA was given an NC-17 rating. Since video rental chains like Blockbuster Video will not carry movies with this rating, some of the sex scenes were cut to produce a R-rated video version. A complete NC-17 version is also available on video.

    The edited "director's R-rated version" created for Blockbuster Video and similar video store chains is 128 minutes long. To create the R-rated version, 61 seconds of footage were cut and 20 seconds were altered by using different camera angles.

    The rape scene was slightly cut in the UK versions - more so on video.

    When the film aired on VH1, any nudity especially during the stage performances and sex scenes, were digitally painted over to match skin tones or previous articles of clothing that covered those areas. The heavily altered VH1 broadcast version credits "Jan Jansen" as director.

    The alternate R-Rated version cuts a few frames out of the pool scene, Molly's punch in the face and some of her rape and much of Nomi's lap dance.

    Filming Locations:
    Carson City, Nevada, USA
    (opening scene)

    Cheetah's Topless Club - 2112 Western Ave., Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

    Encino, Los Angeles, California, USA
    (swimming pool)

    Harveys Lake Tahoe, Highway 50 and Stateline Ave., Stateline, Nevada, USA

    Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

    Los Angeles Convention Center - 1201 S. Figueroa Street, Downtown, Los Angeles, California, USA
    (boat convention)

    Raleigh Studios - 5300 Melrose Ave., Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA

    Riviera Hotel & Casino - 2901 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

    Spago, The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace, 3500 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

    Stardust Hotel & Casino - 3000 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

    Versace, The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace, 3500 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

    Leave Your Inhibitions At The Door

    Beyond your wildest dreams. Beyond your wildest fantasies.

    The show is about to begin.

    Sensual. Controversial. Available.

    The most controversial movie of the year is here.

    The girls are back in town! (re-release)

    The side of Vegas you were never meant to see.
    "I feel sorry for people who don't drink. They wake up in the morning and that's the best they're going to feel all day."
    - Dean Martin

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    For me, it is Gina Gershon that does it.
    "Well behaved women rarely make history!"

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    This movie really sucked for me. I have it and I don't know how to get rid of it! I particularly hate the sex in the pool scene. Must have been one of the most discouraging sex scenes ever!

    Gina Gershon isn't too bad. For me it is just a very masochistic movie, she is one of the masochistic parts! I must admit she has nicer body than Elizabeth Berkley.. but to enjoy her 'smile' you must be some sort of a masochist. Reminds me of the mother in Friday the 13th Part 1.


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    Gina Gershon has a nice body, but I find her face unattractive. Her breasts are really quite nice.

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    Carla, I agree the movie sucks, but that is part of the campy appeal. Besides, what's wrong with masochism?

    Gina has a hot bod, yes...but I also love that bitchface she's got.
    "Well behaved women rarely make history!"

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    I kind of liked that movie.....but i was in the minority. I always thought Gina Gershon reminded me a bit of Andrea of Fantasme. Just a bit!

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    Uncle Kracker

    They brought out a boxed gift set last year including a pin the tassels on the stripper game,shot glasses and showgirls playing cards. You can still find it at Future shop.

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    Yeah I know... But nobody that was actually involved with the making of the movie had anything to do with it. If they do a Special Edition with cast & crew participating I might think about getting a new one...
    "I feel sorry for people who don't drink. They wake up in the morning and that's the best they're going to feel all day."
    - Dean Martin

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