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Thread: Money stolen from wallet by sp in moncton

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    Money stolen from wallet by sp in moncton

    Saw this girl tonight in my hotel. I paid her the fee up front, and she did provide the service as requested (nothing to write home about), but when I went to the bathroom she took the rest of my cash from my wallet and ran out the door. I know stupid me for turning my back, but I wanted to let everyone know to avoid or be robbed.

    phone ends in 3228, has nip and facial piercings and a tattoo saying "<...> beyond words" on her right shoulder. She's more than likely pimped out and I'm probably lucky that's all that happened to me.


    the pics are her

    If any other sp from moncton is reading, you can thank this girl for me never giving my business in moncton again.

    PM for more details

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    Sorry this happened to you. This is never ok.

    However, please don't paint all provider with the same brush. We are not all thieves.

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