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Thread: How about the Leafs?

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    How about the Leafs?

    Coming off the first undefeated season in NHL history the Toronto Maple Leafs are poised to disappoint their fans again.

    Chance to make your NHL predictions,winners,losers,disappointments,ROY,etc
    plus new this season the mythical Harold Ballard Trophy to be awarded to the reporter who makes the most excuses for Toronto Maple Leaf failures.

    Not to be taken too seriously.Thread starter reserves the right to ask for a
    photo of the poster on skates to see if the poster is a qualified hockey observer.

    Final note - the MyNHL promo is a dud.The NHL should have adapted the original Mickey Mouse Club theme song with Gary Bettman as Mickey.
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    Someone is missing...

    Quote Originally Posted by eastender
    Final note - the MyNHL promo is a dud.The NHL should have adapted the original Mickey Mouse Club theme song with Gary Bettman as Mickey.
    Why don't they invite Don Cherry for promo


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    I will go out on a limb: Rookie of the Year will be Sidney Crosby.

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    I predict that the Leafs won't be as bad as people think they'll be and will make the playoffs.

    I also predict that the Habs will once again struggle to make the playoffs. They're a worse team than they were 2 years ago, and have no toughness except for some goon we never heard of (Vandermeer) who's on a one-way contract and can't play hockey.

    I predict that Sydney Crosby won't win the Calder. He'll have a decent year, but not enough to win the Calder.

    Final prediction: Claude Julien's job will be on the line all season long. He might not even last the year. He's not Gainey's man, and the team will be off to a bad start which will immediately get the media on his back.

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    Hey Eastender good point, if you can't skate you can't comment, and wow is that MyNHL commercial terrible or what. I was expecting something cool like the stuff the good people from Nike produce or the people behind the "I am Canadian" campaign instead we get this crap ???? What were they thinking This must come from the same people who came up with the brilliant glowing puck idea

    Anyway predicition time 1)Toronto will be worse then everybody thinks, 2)Montreal will be good, I say 5th in East (JustaJohn - How are they worse than 2 years ago??? please explain) 3) Barring any horrific injury Crosby has ALREADY won the Calder 4) and finally Vancouver will pick up a goalie somewhere (Ottawa are you listening?) and take the Cup.


    Almost forgot the Howard Ballard Trophy will be awarded this year for an unprecidented 5th consecutive year to the entire TSN crew - Congratulations Boys!
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    I haven't seen any on TV yet, but the local radio spots Denis Leary did for the Bruins are pretty good.
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    I believe the Leafs will be very disappointing this year. One can expect Lindros to be his usual self: a chronic underachiever who's often injured. Sundin has passed his prime, and might even be washed up. I heard that they could be very shaky in goals this year(TSN). They also lost a lot of good players on the free agent market. Also, they never could cash in on guys they were hoping to get, like Martin St- Louis. And TSN also talked about a newcomer with the Leafs this year by the name of "Allison", i think, who apparently hasn't played a lot in the last 2 or 3 years, making his potential contribution to the team a question mark. And they've also picked up a guy , Oneil i think his name is, from the Hurricans, who despite having had good seasons in the past comes off a 14-goal season. What's up with that? The best team in the league, IMHO, could very well be Ottawa this year. And i think the Habs should have no problems posting a better record than Toronto this year.

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    The Habs will be worse than 2 years ago because they got weaker. For one, they let go of their #1 defenceman, Brisebois. Okay, some will argue that he wasn't their #1, but they were paying him to be their #1, right? He was also constantly on the ice for his regular shift and on special units. Anyone who plays that much is bound to commit his share of mistakes. Who did they replace him with? Mathieu Dandenault?? Hah!!! Right now, Mtl doesn't have a true #1 defenceman. Their top 2 would have trouble being the top 3 defencemen on half of the other teams.

    At forward, they remain small. People say the signed a big money free agent in Kovalev. Well, Kovy was already there 2 years ago. Fact is, they just basically re-signed him. At center, you have the smurfs. They also have no toughness that can play hockey. Darren Langdon was the man they should have kept. They replaced him with a stiff named Vandemeer who can't skate and won't play much. Bigger teams like the Flyers and Leafs will have a field day intimidating the weaker Habs. I like Latendresse and he'd be a great boost to them, but he might not start the season there for the simple fact that they'll risk losing some of the younger players (Hossa, Hainsey, etc) if they don't keep them....they have to clear waivers. If he does stick with the team, he might only be there for 10 games and then sent down. Shame! And if Theo goes down....lookout!!!!

    As for the Leafs, i believe they'll be as strong as they were 2 years ago. Lindros' health is not a factor....he barely missed games for the Rangers 2 years ago. Allison is a question-mark simply because he hasn't played in 3 years. However, this guy was a horse and a true superstar when he played for Boston 4 years ago. They signed former 1st overall phenom Jeff O'Neil. All these 3 players are from the Toronto area and were nearly begging to play for the Leafs. They'll perform, i'm not worried. Other players such as Matt Stajan will have more experience....and the rookies: Alexander Steen and Carlo Colaicovo. I expect a good season from both of these youngsters, that is, if Colaicovo can crack the lineup. They also added a russian named Kavanov (from St-Louis) who will lead the power play at the point. Belfour will be his usual greatness, and i'm not worried about them making the playoffs.

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    This bum, who happens to be the 2nd highest paid NHL player at $7.6 million per year, arrived at training camp in poor shape two weeks ago. Insiders have said that he supposedly weighed over 300 lbs!!! I guess that he wasn't paid good enough to keep himself in good shape until the season resumed.

    Tkachuk allowed to return to team

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    My Predictions

    With the salary cap,new refereeing guidelines and a year away from hockey
    little is certain as the season starts.Will briefly look at all the teams.2006 Turin Olympics are a subject for a later date.By the way - long time Canadiens fan.

    Eastern Conference
    Play-off teams
    New Jersey - elite goaltender,know how to play the game,well coached.
    Ottawa - good young talent,depth,mobile defence,not sold on coaching
    or goaltending.
    Philadelphia - best group of forwards,well coached,slow defence questions in goal.

    Play-off hopefuls
    Boston - good elite players,questions on defence,coaching,back-up goalie.
    Florida - good young talent,interesting additions,will they play for Keenan.
    Montreal - no elite players on defence or at forward good depth,problems if Theo gets hurt.
    Pittsburgh - great young talent,how much will Mario play,Olczyk as Coach iffy.
    Tampa Bay - very strong core forwards,reasonable defence,good coaching,questions in goal.
    Toronto - Maple ifs - if they stay healthy,if the young guys produce,if they find a back-up goalie.

    Play-off doubtfuls
    Atlanta - no Kovalchuk,no play-offs.
    Buffalo - very average all around.
    Carolina - young teams,lacks leadership.
    NY Islanders - Yashin as captain,Milbury as GM,enough said.
    NY Rangers - team has a history of not being in shape = injuries & loses.
    Washington - hopefully other teams will dump salary in their direction.

    Western Conference
    Play-off teams
    Anaheim - good additions,may take time to gel.
    Calgary - very solid young team,depth plus Iginla.Dion Phaneuf?
    Colorado- stong forwards,reasonable defence,questions in goal.
    Detroit - experienced,talented but no take charge goaltending.
    San Jose - overall talent,have to find a way to win.

    Play-off hopefuls
    Chicago - big improvement talent wise but will they gel as a team.
    Columbus - improved,questions in goal,depth.
    Dallas - solid goaltending,team is getting old.
    Edmonton - good additions,questionable goaltending.
    Los Angeles - old talent,too many questions.
    Minnesota - great coaching,excellent young talent,cap room,no take charge goalie.
    Nashville - team has grown together,interesting additions,solid but not spectacular.
    Phoenix - solid but Gretzky cannot send himself over the boards.
    St.Louis - team may be sold any minute,too many attitude players
    Vancouver - talented forwards,solid defence,often let down by goaltending.

    Stanley Cup
    Ottawa / Calgary - winners

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    The Maple Laughs

    in Montreal, we call that hockey team of theirs the Maple Laughs.

    haven't won a Cup since 1967 and it won't happen this season.

    they have very annoying fans and it 's damn fun to see them in sports bars for the playoffs when they get eliminated year after year !!!!!!!!!

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    Rookie of the Year Candidates

    This season there are three outstanding Rookie of the Year Candidates.
    Sidney Crosby,Alexander Ovechkin and Dion Phaneuf.There is a strong supporting cast as the NHL has undergone a large turnover sine the end of the 2003-04 season but few of the other rookies - like Carter and Richards of Philadelphia have the overall talent or supporting cast to make an impact.

    Sidney Crosby - great offensive talent,great vision and hockey sense - will require some time to get used to playing against physically mature players and not kids.Excellent surrounding cast in Pittsburgh,little pressure,will benefit from playing on the powerplay with Lemieux and Gonchar.

    Alexander Ovechkin - great offensive talent-more power than Crosby,makes things happen on the ice.More experienced playing against physically mature players.Not much help in Washington - may log a lot of ice time and points.

    Dion Phaneuf - a banger on defense,will fit in nicely in Calgary,little pressure
    given the depth and quality of the Calgary defense.His offensive game will improve since the skill level of his teammates is higher than in junior.

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