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Thread: since yesterday 502 Bad Gateway

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    since yesterday 502 Bad Gateway

    is it only me but when i look to all agency line up yesterday few hours and again tonight 502 Bad Gateway appear ,only one agency show line up and its ... i dont want insinuate anything but...

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    Sorry for reviving an old thread but I have been having this issue sporadically and it keeps popping back up.

    502 Bad Gateway


    - As far as I can tell it is is software board issue.

    - I only occurs on certain threads

    - On Firefox I could no longer open a large number of threads (pretty much everything under the Independant Escort ads).

    - On Chrome everything was working fine till today. Now if I click on say!!
    I get the error but oither threads are fine.

    Any ideas as to what can be done client side? I tried clearing the cache to no avail.

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    It has also done that with me while login out. I'll put it to the attention of Fred.

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