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Thread: First outcall, any advice?

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    First outcall, any advice?

    I booked my first outcall today after reading the "Incall or outcall" thread I figured why not. After booking everything, hotel included, it definitely felt different then an incall, it was now up to me to set the mood and make sure the SP would be comfortable. I've enjoyed making those preparations.

    My questions to you is that is there a different etiquette between incall & outcall? Feels like it's my job to make her feel as comfortable as possible where as at the incall feels like I am the visitor (obviously) and she's trying to make me as comfortable as possible.

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    Lily from Montreal
    Only difference is outcall you can prepare the donation in advance and leave it discreetly on the dresser, so you avoid the awkward transaction aspect of the deed,but the rest is the same, you should feel like you are opening the door to a do not entertain lover,you just enjoy...Have fun!

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    Thanks for the advice,

    I booked some extra time just so we can kind of get to know each other better, I found the removal of clothes and getting straight to it in the first 5 minutes doesn't give me some kind of connection to the beautiful woman that i'm about to get jiggy with (ya I said Jiggy). I've enjoyed who I've been with very much and gotten to know them or just shared a nice quiet moment with them afterwards but I would have rathered had those moments with them before as well, I think it would have put me more at ease.

    I was thinking of bringing wine and water, I'm not planning on a 45 minute conversation but at least have a bit of time just to get comfortable and relaxed with each other. Ive had people get the wrong first impression of me the first time they've seen me before they've even spoken to me.

    Quote Originally Posted by LilyForYou View Post do not entertain lover,you just enjoy...Have fun!
    For sure I don't have to entertain a lover, but in the outside world I would know a bit about my lover. Once I start repeating the same SP, I'd be comfortable enough to get straight into it at least I would know her a bit better. Always appreciated your feedback Lily, thank you

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