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Thread: Nominations for Best Reviewer 2014

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    Nominations for Best Reviewer 2014

    I guess it is that time of the year again.

    The time to honor the Best Reviewer of 2014.

    We are not looking for talkers. We are looking for doers. Those guys who go out in the trenches to do the research and reviewing work that make this board useful.

    Previous winners:

    2013 Delta 123
    2012 ManApart
    2011 ManApart


    On that score, the guys who post first reviews are particularly helpful. The guys who are willing to Take One For The Team (TOFTT). The Brendon Gallaghers of the hobbying world.

    Off the top of my head, a few suggestions come to mind:

    Delta 123 (my first choice, by far again this year)
    Sexdor (a real worker)
    BookerL (whom I'd rate for "most contributions," though not always reviews)
    Uncle Bob (a tireless plugger)
    Special K
    SpecialAgent Moody

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    I would always look out for Delta 123 reviews way before i joined this forum, I used to surf on MERC, my first choice as well as far as reviewers go. Even though out of your list one of SAM's & BookerL's reviews influenced me to book an SP.

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    I agree. I suppose that is why this thread is dead.

    It looks like Delta 123 is going to be the unanimous winner once again this year.

    I can't find a single other poster who has started more than four review threads in calendar 2014.

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    I vote for Igna69.

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    I nominate Doc Holliday, the Leo Komarov of the hobbying world (who might this brendon gallagher fellow be)

    Would that be this guys brother?

    I also nominate:

    Delta123... the man is a legend, nuff said!

    Cloudsurf..he could write a review every day of Julia and it would never get old

    Pat98... easily "THEE" Ebony Reviewer of the Year, 2 years running

    Uncle Bob...always finding new gems to review so eloquently

    Special K...really knows his ladies well and reviews them perfectly as a gentleman

    Panthere...this guy writes with a passion I have rarely seen

    Wallseye...has a way with words about the ladies and with them to all the sex position charts, really makes the reviews extra perfect!

    HalloweenMike...I can never get enuf Kate reviews the way you write so honestly

    Almost any of these guys could represent MERB well as the Best reviewer of 2014, You Guys Rock!

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    Results so far. Guys lets keep it down to three nominations per poster.

    Delta 123, 3 votes
    SpecialAgent Moody, 3 votes
    Special K, 2 votes
    Doc Holiday, 2 votes
    Igna, 1 vote
    BookerL, 2 votes
    Pat 98

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    Je vote pour BookerL pour la qualité de ses reviews, son orthographe et la syntaxe sont excellents. UncleBob est aussi mon choix, car ses reviews sont précis et si vous allez voir la même SP, vous aurez exactement ce qu'il a écrit a propos de la SP. Je crois qu'il est le membre qui TOFT le plus!!!!!

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    Encore une fois cette c'est Delta123 qui devrait remporté la palme

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    Delta123 by a country mile. He probably starts > 50% of the threads for the girls at the top 5 agencies?

    Very discrete and no drama. But if you know how to read between the lines, you can tell a lot from his reviews.

    Maybe he should get some kind of Lifetime Achievement Award, so other reviewers can be recognized?

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    Ces un no contest la... Delta par le nombre gagne facilement.

    Sinon j'aprecie bien les review de Reverdy et BookerL que je met 2ieme et 3ieme pour la forme
    Life is a party ! Death is the Hangover.. 70-49-6

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    1.OhYesOui - too bad he's been banned,he gave the most accurate detailed reviews - 5 star reviewer

    2.The Don - great all around reviews

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    My votes:

    1) Reverdy

    2) Hungry101

    3) Delta123 / Cruiser777

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    #1 Delta 123
    #2 igna69xxx
    #3 Booker l

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    LOL, you guys do know that Delta was once banned for shill reviews for discounts from agencies/. To judge a reviewer, see what her writes and when you see a girl, see if you agree.

    There is a lot of fake stuff here and overly exaggerated results due to vendor influences.

    Agencies have even banned me for harsh reviews lol.
    HAL ... you know the one

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    I don't have any trouble believing in Delta's accuracy, but the self-admitted taint on his record makes it difficult to nominate him.

    1. Cloudsurf

    2. Hungry101

    3. Sharkman

    Quote Originally Posted by Hal View Post
    There is a lot of fake stuff here and overly exaggerated results due to vendor influences.
    Yeah, I think that's why this thread hasn't gotten a lot more responses. The integrity issue is a very large problem in some cases. Staying in good graces seems more important than having balls for the truth, but then being a guy and caving in for sex...well...surprise...NOT!!! But nominating guys so close to agencies? PEEEEUUUU!

    Thanks for the mutual kissing club laughs from Toronto.



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