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Thread: A few drinks acceptable? SPs please comment.

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    A few drinks acceptable? SPs please comment.

    Hello ladies,

    I'm just curious how many of you, if any, think its Ok if a guy has a few drinks before seeing you. I'm not talking about falling over drunk but feeling "happy". I'm a business traveller who often doesn't get the nerve (very shy) to contact an SP unless I've had a few drinks but I often feel the ladies don't want to see a guy who has had a few drinks. Please just set me straight, is a few drinks OK or a no go? Everything else is a given, good hygiene, polite, just looking for a good time. Thanks.

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    Lily from Montreal
    I rather my date and I share a drink instead of arriving and the bottle is half empty or worse like it happened to me at the beginning of my Lily life and was still meeting in the evening: I knocked at the door and there was no answer because the guy had too much to drink and fell asleep...
    I understand the nerves but too much alcool can pay havoc with the gentleman performance...

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    Like Lily, I prefer we share a drink together, since usually I find the nervousness relaxes a bit once you both start talking and get more comfortable, and the drink helps with that.
    But I do understand having a bit of "liquid courage" help you out before. I'd say one or two at most would be okay, but if it's at the point where you're drunk as a skunk and can barely stand(in more ways than one!), well than it's not going to be fun for anyone! :P

    Back when I first started, I met a few men who were absolutely smashed..sometimes even at 1 in the afternoon! And it was just an uncomfortable situation to be in.
    When both parties are in a clear mind, you're able to enjoy and experience the time together that much more, but again, a drink before to calm nerves shouldn't really be an issue.

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    Sure a couple drinks to loosen up is fine. But as the others have said, just don't overdo it. I remember once having a dinner date with a fellow who had drank too much before I arrived and he embarrassed me in the restaurant, plus spending 4 hours with him was agonizing. Being drunk just isn't cool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AmberRose View Post
    Like Lily, I prefer we share a drink together, since usually I find the nervousness relaxes a bit once you both start talking and get more comfortable, and the drink helps with that.
    I agree, at my last meeting I even booked an extra half hour just to have a drink and talk to the person rather then just getting right to it. It definitely helped with relaxing and making it more comfortable even though the conversation was about 10 minutes its helped so much.

    If you are drinking just to loosen up a bit, have a drink with the SP it will relaxing you a lot more.

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    When i booked for more than an hour,i always bring with me a bottle of wine.If the Sp want to share with me i always drink the whole bottle with her.

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    Thanks for the comments everyone. I appreciate the feedback.

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    Happened to me a few time i had sex with SPs while being VERY DRUNK. Both times it was with providers i knew already quite well, trusted and there was some circonstances. For exemple one of those times was GG2..

    I don't want to get into personal details too much, but sex is better sober... May seem surprising coming from me, because the guys that know me well know i like to drink a lot, and i like the heavy stuff, but if i enjoy more my movies, my gaming and my socializing with alchool, when it comes to sex its definately better to not be drunk.

    Drinking too much can mean problems getting up, and if you can get up, cumming is a lot harder... also drinking usually make you pee a lot, wich in a case of a meeting with an SP... you can't do. I mean if you have to take a piss you would need to wash up your little buddy once again to be sure... you can't take a piss and lets go back in that mouth lol, so its to avoid. Also beer gives a bad breathe too...

    Anyway in my book a first meeting is better completely sobber. Once you know the person, then you can have a drink or 2, but better not get "pre-drunk" before she arrive. Personally i always get pre-drunk before going to a bar, but thats about it.
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