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Thread: Victoria's secret fashion show on CBS @ 10PM!

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    Victoria's secret fashion show on CBS @ 10PM!

    Fellow merb members,

    Victoria's Secret fashion show will be on air at 10PM on CBS tonight. Just an FYI, I am pretty sure someone else might be interested!

    I know for sure that the show will set me in the mood to "order" something!

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    i've been watching the show for over a decade now. it doesn't really put me in the mood to order something. i don't know of much who comes close to VS model like with the never ending legs and whatnot

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    Damn Taylor Swift...ouffffffffffff never saw this hummmm side of her...quite sexy i have to say ...and the girls..damn....sooo beautiful women in this world...why i am not Vin Diesel god damn it......WOW some are really beautiful...
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