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Thread: Happy Festivus Everyone!

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    Happy Festivus Everyone!

    Happy Festivus everyone. I hope you all have your alimunum poles up. Unadorned of course as tinsel is so distracting.

    Well feats of streagth are out.
    I don't have any Festivus miracles to share.

    So it is on to the Airing of Grievances.

    Considering we don't actually know each other and lets face it,and things on merb tend to get out of hand which is why we can't have nice things like a proper Airing of Grievances...

    To avoid the mod banhammer and to keep it light, shall I suggest that we keep things light, non contriversial and non personal.


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    Hey, you know the custom. You have to bring a SP for the restofus at Festivus.

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    Wasinaname - I want you to know that I have donated a significant amount of money in your handle to the Human Fund. Happy Festivas

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