From Yahoo sports:

"It's been over a decade since the Expos took off for Washington, D.C., and became the Nationals, but the desire for major league baseball still lingers in Montreal.

New commissioner Rob Manfred has been doing a lot of talking since he officially stepped in for Bud Selig last Saturday. He's touched on many subjects over the last few days, but there's one comment in particular that will excite those longing to see a team back in Canada's second largest city. Manfred told the New York Times he sees Montreal as a viable destination for a big league ball club:

"Look, I think Montreal helped itself as a candidate for Major League Baseball with the Toronto games that they had up there last year. It’s hard to miss how many people showed up for those exhibition games. It was a strong showing. Montreal’s a great city. I think with the right set of circumstances and the right facility, it’s possible."
Before baseball lovers in Montreal start lining up to buy season tickets, Manfred also noted that he doesn't see expansion in the "immediate future" and there are no current plans to build a replacement for old Olympic Stadium.

The Tampa Bay Rays were recently linked with a possible move north and Canadian telecommunications powerhouse Bell would be an ideal owner for a potential Montreal franchise, yet even then it's hard to imagine the reincarnation of the Expos happening anytime soon.

For the time being, fans in Quebec will have to make do with a pair of upcoming exhibition games.

After drawing over 95,000 over two nights last year when they played the Mets, the Blue Jays return to the Expos' former home on April 3 and 4 for spring training games against the Cincinnati Reds. It will be the first time Toronto's marquee offseason signing and Montreal native Russell Martin plays in his hometown as a professional.

"It's going to be awesome," said Martin. "There's going to be a ton of people, from friends to family to old teachers of mine at the games. I know how loud the fans can get so that's what I'm looking forward to."

Montreal has MLB's attention — and another strong showing at the Big O in April would help solidify their case that they deserve a second chance."