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Thread: Does anybody Make Love?

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    Does anybody Make Love?

    Are there any SP's out there who make love?? My only experiences are lets get down to business and do the deed. I've seen independent Lilly in Laval and she is my speed. She is mature, takes it slow and is sensual. Also, she likes to receive which is nice. It seems like these young ones just want to get down to business. Any suggestions? I will post my 2 last experiences in the appropriate section now.

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    Sexy Judy would be my recommendation, not a clock watcher and a real sweetheart of a woman, she is also a great girl to cuddle and talk too, her sensual DFK kissing is second to none and I always feel that I was just with my girlfriend after a date with her.

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    Hello all
    All of my encounters with Nadya girls where successful sex parties no rush no pressure just pleasures of all senses
    With Indy's Clara Versailles is very enthusiastic has is Tiannas
    And Monica Del Fiore .
    Aspen of MTLGFE also

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    I will have to agree with BookerL. All my moments with Maxime @Nadya were just has you describe it.

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