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Thread: Should a sp ask with or without condom for bj

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    Should a sp ask with or without condom for bj

    A friend of mine who just started the hobby got the surprise of his life when the girl started a bj without a condom .He told me he did some research on the hobby. So i was kinda shock when he got mad at me because i recommended him the girl. I thought he had an idea that what she was going to do.So do you think even if the girl is gfe or even pse that the girl should ask with or without because their are a lot of newbies who dont know how the industry is.

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    No, in my opinion he shouldve told her before things started... I think it would be a turn off if every girls ask every new guy they meet if they want safe gfe... But in your case, if i recommand an sp to a friend who never tried this hobby, i would ask if he wants bbbj or not...

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    Covered ,unless you book a girl who expressively advertise it, is the exception in the hobby.
    I would say in my experience a mere 5% of the dates I had so if you want cover you should ask for it when booking,it is not a problem of course but as GFE it is not the mind frame I have.

    Better safe then happened to me once that my date freaked when I touched him,not even with the mouth mind you,with my hand (!).
    if you are so worried to touch the skin of a lady ,maybe refrain meeting at all?

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    I have to agree. Most women will do a BBBJ. If you want a CBJ, you have to make sure you ask for it at the beginning. Standard practice, really...

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    Every client I've had that wanted a CBJ told me upfront, before the action started. One even brought me flavoured condoms, that was so nice.

    It's such a rare request, I would never think of mentioning it. The only exception has been when I know it's someone's first time and they have asked me about the safety. I will explain the choices and associated risks honestly and let them make up their own mind.

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