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    So, this goes back to to the last SP I saw, which was in December. I hate to admit it, but I'm one of those people that go fucking bananas in the winter and I can't see anyone. An SP I know emailed me in mid-February and said, "Hey! I'm in town for a few days!" and I told her, I can't see you now. Let me know when you're going to be in town next time. I was totally honest with her. I'm just no good with people in the winter. So, she said she's going to be back in June and I'll see her then... ANYWAY, the last woman I was with was in early December. I went down on her and at some point, I thought I would introduce my fingers to the party and she said, "NO!" I mean, she yelled it. This was as they were heading towards the target. I'm always properly trimmed and everything. If you guys can give us your experience with digits & ladies, if you like it or not? Anything you say will be helpful!

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    Some girls may tell you before things start no fingers.

    But like with anything else you lead into it so she knows your intentions and if she says nothing then you slowly go for it and if she still says nothing it's all good from there.
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    I always ask for permission every time I use digits, even if I have seen the woman 10 times before and she allowed it every single time. And asking does not have to be a mood killer either, just depends on how you do it. I used to buy latex gloves just in case a woman required me to use it for the task, but several SPs would see them in the bathroom and think it was weird, and then treat me with suspicion.

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    You're right. I should have asked first. I think when she yelled, "NO!" at me, I looked up at her like a puppy that just got smacked for the first time. : (

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    It's hard to really say why some ladies don't allow digits, since every SP is different and may either want it or not for completely different reasons.

    I have heard a few reasons in the past though, such as that most men go too hard with them and end up hurting the lady, some just don't enjoy it at all, some had said because hands can be fairly dirty even if you wash them, with dirt and such getting under the fingernails(if this is the case, ask about gloves like rollingstone mentioned), and I've even heard before that it's been refused because during some of the action, the lady had noticed a cut on his finger, and as you guys are pretty weary of blood coming out of our vaginas, some women are equally weary about having blood put up there.

    Each lady who doesn't want it will have an individual reason why, and as mentioned above, your best way about this, like any sexual act you want to perform, is to ask the SP(and rollingstone was right, it certainly isn't a mood-killer at all!)
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