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Thread: meeting for drinks etc

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    meeting for drinks etc

    Visiting nov 8 9 10 staying at marriot.My third visit,taking a friend this time.I am partially disabled,spend most of my time in room with SP! If anyone wants to meet at strip club,take out bar,hotel bar,etc we would be glad to meet up!Neither of us speak french,would be great if the well known oliver gave my friend his tour! Thank you richieny

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    I will be glad to take you to Cleo - downtown and easy to get in (no stairs, etc...)
    And as Oliver said, Dee will be in town as well..
    I guess I will announce another mini get together at Cleo about 1 week of that weekend.

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    You be at Cleo I come. Me come meet unos famous grandioso EagerBaevar et petito famous StripperLovara. Mon nom est Alfonso Alberto Amarando Abelio Coo Coo. See you Saturday. How do I know who is who? Look for guy with shinny mirror on head, admiring waterfountains at du jardin complex while eat shwarma?
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    Thanks for the replies,cleo,s sounds good,my first montreal experience was chez diane about 8years ago.Have seen kate SD,melissa+faith platinum,francine at asservissante and a few others.Will be in town during the week checkout is on friday11th,driving up so i could possibly stay for friday night.Do not have laptop could put up cell# some where. Richie

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    check your PM

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