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Thread: Stupid gmail question

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    Stupid gmail question

    So... How do I reply to a gmail on my phone? There isn't a Reply or Send button when I write a reply. Lately, I've been writing replies and then mailing them when I got home, but this is dumb. Note to Google, a big button on the bottom of the screen that says SEND would be helpful. I know that I'm just being a big dummy, so just point me in the right direction, please!

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    you mention reply to a gmail on a phone but dont mention what os phone? is it ios, android, windowsosphone, bbos10, bbos7, etc.?

    are u using default app? if not, what is the app called on your phone?

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    Don't understand your problem gurgeh. if it's a reply or a new mail you hit the "arrow" at the top of the page. Is it not showing? There should be 3 dots on the upper right hand side of the screen that give you 5 options and just to the left of that is the "send arrow" and to the left of that is the "paper clip" should you wish to attach an item. Good luck.

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    if you are going on there will be a blue send button on the top right

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    Maybe I just have a really old version of the app? Seriously, there's no arrow. No three dots. There's nothing. Just the original email and my reply. I have no problem with Yahoo, but my hobby email happens to be google...

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    Do you see a little icon that looks like a paper airplane? That should be the "send" button.

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