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Thread: RIP BB King

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    RIP BB King

    The legend left us today RIP Blues Boy..

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    So sad...and now Lucille is a widow.
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    Quote Originally Posted by protagoras View Post
    So sad...and now Lucille is a widow.
    Well said my friend. Imagine how much Lucille will be worth......

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    Another great Blues legend gone.. Rest In Peace Brother... and thank you for the accompaniment on those romantic evenings.
    You will be missed

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    I play guitar and can't tell you how much I idolized this man during my life of playing. Guitarist, performer and an amazing man, he will be missed by many
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    I saw him in Worcester, MA (I think it was) once almost 15 years ago. It was a special pleasure and an honor to see one of the great musical legends of all time.

    God Bless you and keep you,


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    BB King played well into his 80s. He was one of those human beings who became one of the best at what he did. The Thrill is gone.
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    I was once lucky enough to see him play live when he was a guest on David Letterman show. He played during every commercial break and he was terrific. That was back in the spring of 88.

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    [QUOTE=Steely Dan;875939]Well said my friend. Imagine how much Lucille will be worth......

    In his own words....

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    so sad. RIP BB King

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    I shocked to hear the news.......

    The reason i was shocked was because i was certain that he had been dead for at least 5 years. Shocking!

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