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Thread: mentionned in MTLBLOG

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    198 mentionned in MTLBLOG

    MERB.CC was mentionned in the popular Montreal Blog

    Here's the link

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    lolllllllllllllllllll very funny
    Donner une deuxième chance a quelqu'un qui ta trahi c'est comme donner une deuxième balle a quelqu'un qui ta manqué!!!

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    But there's no mention about the great restaurant recommendations! lol!

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    Quote Originally Posted by reverdy View Post
    It's actually pretty tame compared to how the abolitionists aim to portray MERB and affiliated boards. Just take a look at the Invisible Men Project Canada, for instance:
    Wow. They certainly managed to find the nastiest posts to republish. If I knew nothing about the hobby except for what I read in those posts I would probably be against prostitution too!

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    I wonder which agency the author works for? Lol.
    Jules Winnfield (Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction) English, motherfu*ker, do you speak it?

    Typical Yankee fan in the Merb Sports Section!! Bwwaahh.

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    I love the first comment to the article in the Montreal blog:

    Author is surprised that there is an escort review forum? How old r u 12?

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    clearly this author is naive. And she probably found those posts from reviews on the worst SPs in the biz

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