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    week 10

    Here we go, i am going to try to go 4 for 4 for the first time this year so i am going to make some easy picks this week.

    Buffalo over the Chiefs,
    Chicago over the 49ers,
    Denver over the Raiders,
    Housten over the Colts,

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    Wink Keep rollin rollin rollin

    Pats over Dolphins
    Colts over Texans
    Giants over Vikings
    Falcons over Packers
    Seahawks over Rams
    Steelers over Browns
    Cowboys over Eagles

    Can I go 7 for 7? Maybe I'm pushing my luck a bit, but "sometimes you've just gotta say, 'what the fuck'."

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    Buffalo over KC
    Tampa over Washington
    Oakland over Denver
    Seattle over St. Louis

    Lots of one sided match-ups this week

    Possible upset of the week:

    Miami over New England

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    Joe T,

    Other then the sarcasm of Colts/Texans, none of your picks are as clean as you think...

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    Wink I think your right!

    Quote Originally Posted by dudemtl
    I think with ELI Manning at the helm, the G-Men will have no trouble this week.
    The G-men could win this game with Ryan Leaf at the helm for that matter. Don't go too far out on a limb Dude, care to make another pick or two before kickoff time?

    Where is everyone? Spin? AOD? Picks? Come on guys, your not that busy "hobbying" are you?

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    Anybody see dudemtl lately? last he was seen was when he had his head burried in the sand

    Manning- 23 for 48, 1 td, 2 scks, 4 int=loss.

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    Where to begin...

    Quote Originally Posted by dudemtl
    What are the rules? Do I have to pick four?
    4 is what we all agreed upon at the start of the season, but if you want to pick more for "extra credit" I have no problem with that. Only rule is no editing your original post with your picks after games start on Sunday. Good luck!

    Well well well,

    Looks like the Cowboys stole one and put the first nail in the Eagles coffin while doing it. Lets see if Eli can turn that frown upside down and nail it shut this Sunday in NY. The sheer stupidity of Philly to think it could sit TO and still have a chance to win a title is dumbfounding. You don't just sit the best receiver in the league and not suffer the consequences.

    As most of you all know I'm a die hard Cowboys fan but I'm the first to admit that if TO was in that game last night, theres no way Philly would have lost like they did. They dominated the game until the final three minutes but much like the Cowboys who lost a game very similar to this one to the Redskins in which they dominated most of the game, the Eagles did not put enough points on the board. The one good thing the Cowboys defense did besides the INT return for a TD was to hold the Eagles to two field goals in the red zone which kept the game just close enough that it was "stealable"(no that isn't a word, I just made it up) at the end. I believe that TO would have turned at least one of those FG's into a TD and put the game out of reach.

    The stats on the McNabb to TO tandem since he came to Philly are just sick. 20 TD's. Nearly 2,000 yards receiving. A trip to the Super Bowl. The Eagles are absolutely screwing their fans right now but many of them are too dumb to realize it. Some of them actually held a mock funeral for TO in the parking lot where they dressed up a dummy as TO in effigy and put him in a coffin with a bunch of fake money. Are they HIGH? This all could have been prevented if they just would have paid the guy what he is worth in the first place! But they try to go cheapskate on him full well knowing the guy can be a jerk when he isn't satisfied with something.

    If you ask me the Eagles organization just sucks balls for this stunt. They created the problem and now they don't even care enough about winning so their fans can get their moneys worth to fix the problem by simply fining TO and getting him back on the field where he can help this team win. 4-3 with him, 0-2 without him. A pattern is beginning to emerge. Get it? Playing in the toughest division in football the Eagles can not lose more than 6 games and make the playoffs. That means TO has to come back this week as they can only afford 1 more loss in their last 7 games with two against the G-men who despite Eli Manning are playing very good football this year.

    I guess 7 picks was a bit overindulgent for me as I went 5-7 this week after two consecutive perfect weeks before. Oh well, how could I have possibly known that Minnesota would beat the Giants, oh wait, they had Eli Manning throwing them the ball. 4 completions to the wrong team and one for a touchdown!! Are the Vikes paying him too?

    By virtue of the NFL divisional tie breaking system the Dallas Cowboys are now in sole possession of first place in the NFC East due to their victory over NY earlier this year. Its been quite a while since I felt like a kid in a candy store over the Cowboys but Parcells is a coaching genius and this team is not the lackluster bunch of a few years ago. In the NFC there is no clear favorite to go to the Super Bowl at this point. Carolina looks good but so do Dallas, NY, Atlanta, and Seattle. Why not Dallas? I never thought at the beginning of this year that I would be thinking the Cowboys actually had a shot at a 9th appearance in the Big Game. I still think Indy is the favorite to win it all no matter who represents the NFC.

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    I am also sick and tired of hearing atheletes claiming that they need the money for security and family, give me a break, they are either very dellusional or on drugs or maybe both when they make idiotic statements like that.

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    Are they paid to run, skate, jump, throw or is it to make intelligent speeches ?

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    Eagles knowingly pressed self destruct button.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bryson
    I went 13 for 14 last week. The key is to find the 2 or so upsets a week but there were just too many this week!
    You mean in week 9? Looking at your picks this week I see 7 for 10. Thats still pretty good.

    As for my earlier comments on TO I'm not defending his behavior, just pointing out that when the Eagles signed him they were well aware of his "Attitude" problem. Granted he stepped over the line but the measures they have taken to remedy the situation have left them at a huge disadvantage and they certainly know that better than anyone. Of course they want to win but they are not giving themselves the best chance to do so if TO is not playing, thats just a fact.

    I see them as having made their own bed so to speak and now they don't like having to sleep in it so they have foolishly bitten off their own nose to spite their face. If they weren't prepared to deal with a character like TO they shouldn't have signed him in the first place. Of course he should honor his contract but is this the first time a dominant athlete has held out for more money because he felt he was underpaid? He certainly was underpaid by comparison to other players at his respective position and the right thing to do for the Eagles would have been to pay him what he deserved for his performance on the field. Actually, it would have been the SMART thing to do, but no one said Philadelphias' ownership was smart, hence the lack of a single title to their credit.

    No one hates hearing rich athletes telling sob stories more than I do but if you look at this situation objectively nothing else matters here than getting this dispute resolved as quickly as possible and giving your team the best chance to win. Philadelphia IMHO has acted in bad faith to its fans and players by allowing this situation to stew for as long as it did without remedy and then not seeing the signs that it was coming to a head and INTENTIONALLY dumping the best receiver in the league save Marvin Harrison and Randy Moss. If they let him go without getting a fair return in value this will go down in NFL history as one of the biggest blunders in management ever. Their fans have every right to be mad at TO but they should hold as much contempt for Lurie(the owner) as well.

    Look at the example set by teams that win championships. They make sure that their core superstars are happy and if that means renegotiating a better deal when performance merits it then thats what they do. Forget all the other nonsense swirling around in the spin zone. FACT: Philadelphia is a better team with TO. FACT: Philadelphia will not win the super bowl without a deep threat, as a matter of fact they may not even make the playoffs. I hear Jerry Jones is quite interested in paying TO what he wants to come to Dallas. FACT: Jerry Jones wants to win another Super Bowl.

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