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Thread: One fine day...

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    One fine day...

    Hello. I'm a very long time vermont lurker here and rare to never poster. I'm a 50 yo infrequent hobbyist with a once per decade or so convergence of events that lets me have one fine day in montreal in a week. I'm hoping for some help with a long day that would include
    Awesome hotel

    (Probably in that order :-)

    I'd love recommendations on part or all from the collective merb experiences. Thank you all.

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    Look behind you.
    The top 4 on your list all have threads just need to search to your liking, Montreal Jazz festival is June 26 to July 5, for dessert you are on your own.

    For escorts pick any fine MERB advertiser, agency or indy, just read the reviews, impossible for someone to tell you who you will like.


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    for hotel Alt Montreal nice view and affordable with parking

    restorant Bouillion Bilk Modern and very tasteful worth the price not to far from the jazz fest .Reserve your place .....

    for the massage , massage mascarade for a soothing technical and sensual massage , your body will thank you also take the hour and half it's so worth it for me the best dessert of montreal you can choose any of these lady's . Tina , Camille , Lana.... and many more delightful than the other ...

    for dersert ripples on saint laurent best ice cream arround

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    for ice cream try La Diperie, Pine just east of St Lawrence. Always a lineup, but worth the wait!

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    Thank you!! Stars don't align very often so am trying to make the most of it.

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