Some Russian women have found an interesting way to turn the tables on ISIS, helping to remove money from the ISIS war chest, while at the same time enriching themselves. Perhaps, the best outcome of such events is that it may cause ISIS to become more suspicious of possible recruits in the future, possibly slowing down their recruitment drive.

Global News, Aug.2, 2015: ISIS recruiters scammed out of thousands by three women

ISIS recruiters scammed out of thousands by three women

Three women from Chechnya allegedly scammed Islamic State recruiters for thousands of dollars.

Police in the Russian province are investigating the women, who allegedly set up fake social media accounts to contact the recruiters. The women expressed interest in going to Syria, but said they lacked the funds to get there.

After being sent money the women then erased their social media accounts.

Officials said the three women earned 200,000 rubles (about CAD $4,240), according to an Associated Press report.

A police spokesperson said the women likely won’t face any punishment for fraud, as the Islamic State would be required to file a formal complaint.