I'm ricky.
As i'm sure most of you are aware, i am addicted to ladies, there i said it .
I am an on and off hobbyist who usually tends to seek out certain sensual aspects that are missing from my personal life (as i'm sure we all tend to do)
Ex: when i was dating a bad, money hungry bitch (for lack of a better term), i would seek out the most sensual encounters filled with passion.
When i was dating a sensual, passionate angel..i would tend to seek out hardcore, pse style encounters.
There have also been many different ways i have gone about chooosing which ladies i spend my time and money on.
-The researched encounter
-The inside referral
-The go on a whim indy hunt
-The pictures in ads verified online and take a shot with her.
Some of my favourite indys were found by just giving girls a shot like i did this disastrous weekend filled with nothing good.

This leads me to my next point, the huge influx of new providers flooding the market, making old hunting techniques obselete.
I know many senior hobbyists who frequent the agency world tend to think the new laws haven't impacted montreal one little bit.
Now that may be true concerning the big box agencys, hdh indys and mid to low level indy providers..but on the wild wild web, things have changed dramatically before my eyes.
I cannot give official numbers, only my rough estimations through thorough analysis of the online ad scene (which i have always hunted through religiously even during hobby hiatus).
There was an increase within the same week of the new bill being announced.
Then more, then more again.
It got to the point where once the bill officially passed, there were hundreds and hundreds of new ads, providers, scammers, bait and switchers every week!.
Before the law, you would often be annoyed by the same provider posting 50 ads a week, having her constantly pop up in your daily searches...
Nowadays there are so many new ads posted per hour, on some sites you will never see that providers ad twice (and she is still posting 50 ads a week)
Things have gone sour fast in the wild, wild web.
Bref, everybody is trying to squeeze a buck in the now 'no legal risk for them' landscape.
(i even have a friend who went to see a provider from backpage who met him at a motel in the east end, she took his money and when he asked her to get undressed, she laughed and told him there is no sex included, if you have a problem, call the cops, they won't do anything....next day the ad was gone like the wind ..)

Of course the same rules as before still apply to indy hunters, at least 70% of the ads yield negative results and are most probably fake pictures..only now the volume and speed at which these ads are posted and removed are mind boggling.

Finding a real gem amongst the pile of rubble has become a real headache.
Regardless of the headaches, there still is the chance of finding that rare pearl, or that fresh debutante..its all a question of taking the gamble or not.

The real question is, how long do you hold on to that rare gem until you review her and throw her to the hungry wolves..only to see your beautiful multi~faceted ruby turn into a mere stone?
Price raises and high demand aside, i see the board as being more important than ever..
And i intend on giving back to it with unbiased descriptions of the raw, the odd, the sexy and the jaw dropping.

And with that being said gentleman, i must get back to work