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Thread: International Conference Delegates Taking All the SPs?

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    International Conference Delegates Taking All the SPs?

    Do you think the delegates from that big international conference happening in Montreal right now will be taking all the available SPs in town?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ExoticSpirit
    Do you think the delegates from that big international conference happening in Montreal right now will be taking all the available SPs in town?
    I think one can expect the sp population to be rather busy this week since you can assume that a lot of the people in attendance will be environmentalist, nature-loving, animal-friendly, tree-hugging, lefty types, which perhaps indicate a greater openness to the sex industry .


    ps. BTW, I've seen the calendar of events this week, and there seems to be some very interesting conferences coming up, some of which I will personally try to attend myself!

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    Cool Ahem...

    I'd be more worried about the Republican National Convention than a bunch of "lefty" liberal types. Lets not forget that the left includes feminazi manhaters who despise prostitution as a form of male exploitation of women when in fact I would argue the opposite is just as true. I think that any convention in Montreal for that matter would undoubtedly mean a spike in business for Sp's unless it was a convention of Priests. Good for the Sp's, I'm sure they don't mind the extra business before the holidays to help with Christmas shopping expenses.

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    I guess that deserves clarification

    Quote Originally Posted by regnad
    Abe, This sounds more like something that would come from the lunatic-fringe Limbaugh-Hannity right than from a McCain Republican. My sense is that McCain would espouse equal rights for all. We know he's pro-choice and I'd imagine he supports equal pay for equal work, not such a horrid idea, is it?

    As for the priests convention, I think they'd cause a huge spike in business for whatever male escort agencies happen to be operating in Montreal, particularly those employing underage male escorts.
    Reg, I've got no problem with equal pay for equal work or equal rights for that matter and to be quite honest I think its sad that our government is dominated by old white men who try to make decisions for women. Its a travesty that so many men still have a caveman mentality when it comes to women and their true worth and potential.

    That being said, I have personally encountered, as you say, "fringe", groups of radical womens rights groups who really do not care much for men. Many of them were lesbians and most of them treated me with disdain and contempt without knowing anything about me, I'm referring specifically to college professors, student life staff, and certain student groups whom I had the misfortune of meeting at my small New England liberal arts school. Oh yeah, and my ex-mother in law too. I'm sure no one would deny that "fringe" groups do exist on both sides of the aisle. Opus Dei and Peta would be other examples of fringe groups who do not represent the mainstream of our population but participate in promoting wack job ideologies or worse yet participate in offensive actions to promote their cause. How about scientologists for another?

    I never said I saw this group(Feminazis') as being representative of the Democratic party as a whole, nor did I mean to imply it as I do not believe it is true, they do exist however in many forms. I was actually trying to defend the left from what I saw as a comment which seemed indicative of a belief that "lefty types" are big fans of prostitution which is certainly not true in the case of the ladies I have mentioned. Surely you would not disclose your hobby to a group of these women and not expect them to flay you for it. Nor is it any more true amongst "regular" Democrats than Republicans. Before we start relegating each other to fringe groups I hope we can all remember that our experiences are different and what we write here is simply opinion based on our own experience. All due respect Reg, Atlhough Limbaugh may have coined the admittedly generic term "Feminazi", I am no fan of Limbaugh-Hannity. Neither am I a fan of women who hate men and see us all as exploiting them somehow no matter what our intent or what is in our hearts.

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