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Thread: Adult holidays

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    Adult holidays

    I have been reading this board for a couple of months but this will be my frst post. And sorry guys it will not be a review but a question !

    Does anybody have had any experience with My wild vacation or Affordable Adult vacation. They are 2 hotel-villa that caters to the full escort vacation on the Island of Margarita, Venezuela.

    I am looking forward to your commnents.

    Thank in advance


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    Adult vacation


    Give me a break...Don't tell me nobody on this board as never taken an all included vacation...anywhere!?!?

    I have been doing my homework and found quite a few sites, there is even one place that advertise on this board!

    Please guys I am looking forward to such vacation in Febuary.

    I need your help in evaluating the best place or places.



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    Adult vacation

    Sorry AimToPlease, I have thought about a trying one a few times but never did - Don't know anyone who has either.

    By the way the one that advertises on this board, hasn't been doing so very long - At least I never noticed it untill a little while ago. BUT if you do decide to take one for the team remember to fill us in when you get back.


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    Never did these organized tours but I did go to Thailand and Costa Rica to sample their SP scenes.

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    Smile Adult vacation - Thanks for your help !

    I thank the few guys that did respond to my plea for help...

    I will tke one for the team and report sometime at the end of Febuary!

    Sure hope that by the new year I will have found the ideal spot.

    Thanks again


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