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Thread: Strip clubs versus Nuru versus Escorts

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    Strip clubs versus Nuru versus Escorts

    Okay, so I've gone to the dark side and completely jumped in with escorts. I have a couple of friends, though, who are single (sort of!) and one of them is into strip clubs & the other is into nuru in Montreal, and he goes to Montreal all of the time. I ask him, "At the end, is there..." and I'm making a certain hand gesture that you can probably imagine. He tells me no. My friend who is into strip clubs, I've pretty much already convinced to go with me over to the dark side. But nuru massage? I know that this will sound crude, but if a woman is going to give me an erection, it would be nice if she helped me get rid of it, too. I never got into strip clubs or nuru. I want the whole thing, especially if it all generally costs the same thing. I'm going with these guys to MTL soon, btw, so I think I will talk them into it. But strip clubs and nuru were always, to me, a waste of money.

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    I agree with you on the strip clubs; nuru, if done properly - see - can be more than satisfying, especially with the right big-boobed girl - check out this video So many girls now are cashing in on the nuru hype but they are only a little more than a massage with gel. The "experts" are getting $500 for the real nuru experience.

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    I don't know about strip clubs but I know a few who did the massage thing and told me this. The bros who frequently visited these massage places much prefer a great handjob while playing and sucking on the girl's boobs. They stated it was much more satisfying and intense than having all the way fs. Also all those nuru massage porn scenes added to the allure. I have not tried the nuru massage thing but I did try the hj with playing/sucking boobs thing with a few SPs and I must say if done right it is awesome on its very own.

    I may understand the strip club allure. There are many devoted and loyal married guys out there and would never cheat on their wives. Yet after all these years of marriage things have become really stale or has lost its luster long ago. Yet they need that presence of female flesh. And going to a strip club safely satisfies that urge. When the guys and me head to Vegas visiting strip clubs are on their schedules. For me though I wouldn't partcipate since I have experienced the Montreal GFE.

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    The lowest mileage would have to be strip club, even with contact dances. No wonder they are all empty.

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