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Thread: TV series that were briliant but cancelled

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    TV series that were briliant but cancelled

    Okay here's my two favorites:

    Carnivàle, produced by HBO and ran for two seasons between September 14, 2003 and March 27, 2005
    EZ Streets, ran on CBS from October 27, 1996 to April 2, 1997 - only 9 episodes the last one was never aired

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    Firefly, ran on FOX from September 20, 2002 to December 20, 2002 - only 11 episodes on 14 was on air

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    As the World Turns. Cancelled after only 54 years. Damn.

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    Interesting subject because all scripted TV series airing Prime time are eventually cancelled .

    But some where so popular that spin-off, revivals , TV movies or Big screen movies where based on it ,or continued the story .

    The original run of Mission Impossible 1966-73 ,revival October 23, 1988 – February 24, 1990 and 5 successful big screen movies

    Star Trek original and many spin-off and big Screen movies and the animated TV series

    Law&Order which is tied in first for longest running scripted Prime Time TV series (US-Canada)and many spin -off and crossover episodes

    CSI and its spin-off

    A oldie Gunsmoke tied in first with Law&Order for longest running also has many made for TV movies



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    Farscape 1999–2003
    the series was planned for five seasons, it was abruptly cancelled after production had ended on its fourth season

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    NYC 22 started slow but was cancelled just as it got good.

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    Firefly, Deadwood, & Rome just off the top of my head.
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    Kolchak The Night Stalker 1974-1975. Cancelled after 20 episodes. It was the inspiration for the long running X Files. Although it is somewhat dated now it was very scary and Darren McGavin was outstanding in the lead role as investigative reporter Carl Kolchak, who uncovers supernatural causes for mysterious deaths/murders but is never able to secure the evidence that proves it, much to his and his editor's endless consternation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chercherfemmes View Post
    Firefly, Deadwood, & Rome just off the top of my head.
    Ironically, or perhaps not, those three shows are three of the few that had depictions of prostitutes.

    A major character in Firefly was the high-level courtesan who had sex with rich guys (and the occasional rich lady) on the various planets. Apparently in the futuristic world, that was one of the few things that did not change.

    Deadwood had " Trixie and the whores" as they were called, with the Jewish merchant being in love with the hottest hooker servicing the town. The jerk saloon owner always made him pay to see her, even if no sex occurred, and the Jewish guy always declined the extra charge for "ass fuck". It did not seem that much more, but it was in dollars valued in the 1800s

    And Rome has several scenes depicting a Roman brothels with many hot girls and one guy in the line-up. I am not sure if that was historically accurate - was homosexuality and bisexuality accepted at a brothel catering to men, or was it just Hollywood catering to the gay rights movement of today?

    I have always thought more positive depictions of prostitution in the mainstream media would be helpful. Just one hot chick on a show like The O.C. or Melrose Place being able to put herself through an expensive college and hang out with the rich Beverly Hills crowd by having a Sugar Daddy or working occasionally as an expensive escort would be interesting. Happens all the time in real life, but it is never depicted in shows geared towards younger audiences.

    Strange that two shows depicting the past and one show predicting the future has sex workers as characters, but the issue is dodged on shows showing current life.

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    Fastlane, no idea where it aired originally, watched it in french on Z tele

    Its a cop show, where 2 "not so much by the book" cops are recruited for special undercover assignements. They have acces to exotic cars and other stuff. The series was really fun and had that Fast and Furious feel, probably surfing on its popularity too as it aired back in the early days of the movie franchise. Only problem was the show costed too much, as so much nice cars where wrecked every episodes and so on. Dunno if the rating where bad or anything, but i remember there was some petitions to have it back. It starred Peter Facinellli before he became a sparking vampre (beurk lol) and Tiffany Amber Thiesen, i don't remember the black actor's name that was also a main.

    Second one is UNDERGRAD, dunno if it count in this thread as its a cartoon show, but it was one damn good one, in the vain of other 18+ cartoons. Its about 4 college friends that just graduated, 2 of them goes to a big university, Nitz the normal mister everybody dude, Cal the idiot yet very hot player, wich are roomates. Rocco the drunken macho who can't ever score any girl, get drunk and do not go to school anymore, and Gimpy the very geeky star wars fan wich attend Tekkerson Thec and talk to them mostly trough the computer. The show last for 13 episodes only, but there all so good. Again lots and lots of petition to have it back sadly in vain, all we could have was the DVD for it.

    I watched this if i remember correctly i was 17 or so.. and never understood why it didn't ran longer. Thanksfully the show is a wrap, so you can watch the whole season and enjoy it as a full story.

    Another show i hated that was cancel too fast is Angel, the Buffy spin off. Yeah its teen stuff i know but it was my guilty pleasure in my young adulthood and still is today. I started watching Buffy as i was 16 to be honest so i kinda grew up at the same time as the character. Always been fan of vamps and other stuff like that, so it was a perfect match for me. I feel Buffy wrapped nicely in its 7 season, doing an 8 one would had been pushing it. But Angel had still so much stuff to do... if you consider the rich background of the character that last over 200 years, and i loved the direction the show got in season 5 and i really feel there could had been much more explored. Spike, wich is another very beloved character froM Buffy also come to Angel during season 5, and there interactions are great, so much more could had been done. Also it does not help that the season 5 last episode conclude on a huge cliff hanger (altough it was made to end this way, i always hated it lol)

    As an honorable mention i could had add DARK ANGEL with Jessica Alba, but season 2 wasn't so good, the show truly shine in season 1 only so maybe it was for the better it ended....

    Anyway to me its my top 3..., sometimes shows really end too fast and other times they just drag and drag to a point like new plots seem so forced... Its the case right now for Supernatural altough i do admit enjoying season 11 , the vilain seem to come out of nowhere and i dunno, it feel a bit forced. The shows best run was season 1 to 5, and after that really had trouble finding a new great vilain and great stories. The lore is also sometimes butchered due to its longevity wich annoy me. Season 6 was meh, 7 was crap, 8 was very meh and 9 was a bit more enjoyable, 10 was ok and now we are in 11... wondering when this show will end lol.

    Some shows you feel could
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    I believe Hannibal season 1 was much better than season 2. Actually they lost me after E3 of season 2.

    Quote Originally Posted by reverdy View Post
    Hannibal, which was cancelled a few months ago. Mads Mikkelsen was just amazing as Dr Lecter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chercherfemmes View Post
    Firefly, Deadwood, & Rome just off the top of my head.
    I've had Deadwood and Rome lying on my bookshelf for 2-3 years and haven't even watched them yet. I love "Hell on Wheels" and loved "Spartcacus" and people who knew this told me i'd love the two series you mentionned. Maybe now it's time to finally watch them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by EagerBeaver View Post
    Kolchak The Night Stalker 1974-1975.
    I absolutely loved that series!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by chercherfemmes View Post

    At least Deadwood had three great seasons with rarely a weak moment. Milch's subsequent John from Cincinnati lasted one. From a review in EW:

    Is it enough to just say there was never anything else like it, that the show’s anti-narrative anti-gravity makes much better TV dramas look a bit too grounded by comparison? John From Cincinnati rides a singular wave between camp and profundity, between navel-imploding indulgence and brainbending genius

    Agreed, watched it religiously. Sucks that very few people did.

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