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Thread: Have you ever kept a super SP secret?

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    Have you ever kept a super SP secret?

    I am doing that right now.
    I just found an angel with all the trimmings.

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    No, but I don't always post a review if my experience is the same a previous posts about the sp - if I have nothing to new add (positive or negative) I usually don't post anything.

    Hey Hydragoat
    I am doing that right now.
    I just found an angel with all the trimmings
    Why bother telling us about someone that you're not going to tell us about

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    Don't get angry. Not worth it.

    I'm just concerned that some other place will steal her and I'll have to commute farther.
    I'll post a review. A bit later, today.

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    lack of understanding of what a public board is...

    Hydrogoat - keep your secrets, secret.

    Or does the concept escape you?

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    I never quite understood why anyone would try to keep a SP a secret. First off, it's not like you're going to be dating her (possible, but unlikely), so if you're gonna get jealous, well, that is weird.

    Secondly, seeing as to how this is a public board, where a person will collect information on a particular SP, it's only mutual that you return the favour if possible.

    Finally, you're denying her a right to earn if she's the type that may rely on word of mouth or review exposure.

    Now, that being said, I can understand why some people would not post a review (privacy, SP's request, whatever), but I sure wouldn't say "I have a secret" and leave it at that.

    Just my 2 cents.

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    Awright FFS. Done. Arrrrgh!.

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    Maybe I have!...Maybe I haven't!

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    I think it means for f*&k's sake!

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    FFS = For F#!K's Sakes

    so where's the post Hydro...?

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    whoever u found is not good enouf for us here...

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    FFS = for fucks sake.

    "Where is my post?" you ask.
    In the review forums, ffs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hobby11
    whoever u found is not good enouf for us here...
    If u r looking for a gang bang SP I have no clue.

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    hydragoat, was this all a game? Why are you being so mysterious about the whole thing, you start by telling us you found this great sp - so great that you are keeping her a secret - then you say you posted a review of her in a different section but you won't say who or where? I've read the reviews you posted today andI didn't see anything about a great sp you just found, c'mon already enough is enough.

    And what does any of this have to do with a gangbang sp??????

    By the way I'm not angry, but I'm well on my way to annoyed as hell.
    Last edited by spin; 12-19-2005 at 08:27 PM.

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    Look. Its a free forum. I chose to express myself.
    You got a chance to see part of my thought process.
    And I forked over a nice find. Three posts up. But in the interest of good communications here it is, Nicki.

    Why the the reference to gang bang?
    The member said "us" so I picked up on it."Us" is means at least two people. That smacked (smelled) a little of "us" as a form of ganging up on me. So I spun it to infer he liked to go two guys on one girl.
    R U the only guy allowed to be funny? Of course u aren`t.

    I didn`t blow into this room with yesterday`s road dirt. Check my posts.

    As for FFS equals free full sex. Outstanding comeback. But as we all know. The good things in life are free but for many you need cash.

    R we square now?
    Last edited by Mike Mercury; 12-19-2005 at 08:49 PM.

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    Right on PCGuy!

    PCGuy...that was the most intelligent, thought provoking post I have seen in are 100% correct!

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